Why is my 1999 jeep Cherokee classic 4x4 heating up could it be a serenebelt wore

What could cause that i put new thermostat in and new radiator cap and stuff not using coolent at all no leaks ect just when iam going down Hwy it’s heats up when i excel rate to little past half then goes back in temp ty any help is appreciated ty eric

what is a serenebelt ?

Do you mean that when you rev the engine the temp will come back down toward normal?

Many things can cause this… such as Air in the cooling system… Another would be a failing radiator…or one that is clogged etc… believe me rads die all the time, they dont last as long as they used to such as when they were made with REAL METALS like copper and brass. They are disposable these days.

I would burp the air out of my cooling system first and foremost and see what i got. It is massively important not to have air bubbles in the system. So thats where I would start… Look up the procedure on the net. You might not need to do more than several hot n cold cycles with the reservoir full…but dont quote me…look it up for your particular vehicle.


Ok it’s when I speed up on Highway it goes up in temp and then when I let off gas it goes down in temp

It could be the belt is loose or needs replacement, or the water pump, air in the cooling system. Do you consistently get plenty of heat out of the passenger compartment heater? If no, that would be consistent with air in the cooling system. Do you need to add coolant to keep it topped off? If so, how much and how frequently?

Not too familiar with jeeps, but does the serpentine belt also operate the fan or is the fan electric.


serenebelt . . . ?

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He might be talking about a serpentine belt . . .

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I think OP was using his smartphone to type this message, as there is not one single period. Also no separate paragraphs. Total run on

No offense intended to anybody, but it’s difficult reading things like this

The username itself could be viewed as offensive or humorous, depending on your view point or level of tolerance. Perhaps OP goes to church regularly, and is poking fun at himself . . .

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Your guess is as good as mine, @db4690.
Among other things, it appears that this person owns a couple of vehicles with…unusual problems…described in…difficult to understand terminology:

He/she previously told us about overheating problems with this Jeep:

I am not a religious person and I find the OP’s screen name offensive.

@JesusFreak Jesus was very eloquent and clear with words and conveyed extreme wisdom with even few of them.

You could try to emulate (follow) his example and give us some recognizable clues!

Allow me to try to help you describe your problem more clearly. Tell me if I got it correct.

“What could cause my overheating. I replaced the thermostat and radiator cap recently. The car isn’t losing any coolant at all, but when I drive it on the highway and accelerate past halfway up the speedometer, the engine overheats. When I slow back down, the temperature drops back to normal.”

These symptoms are characteristic of a blown headgasket. That’s where I’d personally begin the diagnosis. A simple Google search will give you simple and inexpensive ways to check this. If the evidence proved the headgasket to be intact, I’d go to those things that affect the ability of the cooling system to dissipate sufficient heat to keep the engine cool under load. I’d test and map the radiator, flow test the water pump, and ensure that the hoses were in good shape. I’d also pressure test the system, maybe with a UV sensitive dye.

As regards Jesus, he spoke in parables many of the meanings of which are intensely debated over two thousand years later. But I do know one thing, Jesus would want us to try to help. I’m very glad to see that everyone is really trying. It might take a bit of extra effort to understand the OP, but the extra effort will be worth it. His/her frustration is far greater than ours. Right now I’m proud to be a member of this group.

Amen greatly appreciated

If your temp is RISING when you are stressing the engine more on the highway…this is indicative of a failing radiator to me… Or a failing head gasket like MtnBike mentioned. The head gasket will produce symptoms akin to air in the cooling system…because that is precisely what that failure does…it adds air to the system.

Sounds like a bad rad or clogged rad to me…unable to shed the additional heat load from an engine that is under load. Usually highway cruising would lower your temp because of adequate airflow and adequate engine and water pump rpms… When you see heating up under these conditions its usually the Radiator itself.

Hard to say really…there are clues to each failure and its impossible to relay all of them to you via this method. I would be able to tell you what it was if the vehicle was in front of me, but this way its near impossible.


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I am glad db4690 cleared up the phone texting thing for me, I was wondering what the OPs main language was.

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