Why does our truck run rough/sputter in the same place on the same highway and run like a top elsewh

We have a 2002 Ford F350 that is running great. Everytime we drive across Highway 4, from 99 to 5 (in california) it starts jerking and sputtering, then its fine. We have a Banks exhaust brake installed, could EMFs be playing with that? Honestly cant remember if the brake was on at the time, but this is the third time this has happened. We were thinking the exhaust brake because it only started happening after that was installed, and this has occured 3/3 voyages across this highway. Any ideas?

Maybe its an electromagnetic anomoly or a Gremlin-Kevin

what s an exhaust brake?

If the truck in question has a diesel engine, I think that he is referring to what is commonly called a Jake Brake.

Anyway…I also suspect EMF interference with…something…on his truck.

That three mile stretch of Hwy 4 through Stockton has several industrial buildings along it. For example, PDM Steel Processing Center at the east end might have powerful plasma cutters and welders that could be a source of EMF interference (purely a guess). You could drive it both ways and see if anything changes. Like you mentioned, you could turn off the brake or disconnect it to rule it in or out of the problem.

That’s just that little crack in the ground. The one where this protion of California is going to fall into the ocean.

For your sake…lean to the left when crossing this area.


The OP did not state anything about it but I wonder if this problem only occurs on the flat, on ascents only, or descents only?

There’s also the possibility of an EGR fault which is not rare on these things and the EGR is tied into the exhaust…

While it may not be related at all, some regulars here may remember the brand new Ford diesel incident with the Banks unit on it about 4 or 5 years ago. Hubby had the new truck modded before leaving CA for CN and on the ascent to Flagstaff, AZ the engine went south.
This led to 12 grand worth of voided warranty long block later.

If you’re worried the Jake brake might be the culprit, disable/depower it for a while and see if the problem dissapears or persists.

ok, I ll try again…, what s a jake brake?

Engine braking on a diesel. Diesels don’t pump against closed throttle plates on downhills, and are less effective “engine-brakers” than gassers.

Jake brakes make up for this. I bet Wikipedia could fill in the rest…

Its a generic term for a device that turns a diesel engine into an air compressor of sorts it does away the air spring energy return in the reciporcating engine and actually consumes a lot of power,thus creating a retarding effect. A west coast trucker named Jacobs originally had the idea for this device while traversing the Rocky mtns.Other companies besides the Jacobs company make similar devices,with varying degrees of complexity-Kevin

"ok, I ll try again…, what is a jake brake?"

Best explanation:
What are “jake brakes” and why are they prohibited in some locations?

i learn more here everyday,

My kids ask…
’’ Uncle…why is that truck farting ? ‘’
’‘That, my boys, is a Jake brake.’’

Not that I know anything about this but strange things sometimes happen. I had a Buick that the transmission would neutral out going from 1st to 2nd (or 2nd to 3rd can’t remember) at the exact same stop light. It did it 4 or 5 times coming off the same light. Trans shop had no idea and it was a side trip from my 50 mile commute. Only in the summer. Must have been a sticky valve or something but I would get to the point of trying to time the light so I wouldn’t have to stop or slow down for it. Then it was ok the rest of the trip.

A jake brake converts the engine braking energy into acoustic energy, blasts of pressure waves into the exhaust.
Thousands of watts. For reference one acoustic watt at 1 meter is about 108dB, really loud.
So if the exhaust system doesn’t absorb most of it that’s very loud even at considerable distance.

Why does it stall in the same place reminds me of a car talk episode. It ended up some large radio transmitter or something near the spot was the problem for certain cars.

Are you serious Circutsmith,?the engine is functioning as an air compressor in the braking mode(a compressor absorbs a lot of energy(it takes a 3306 Cat engine to run a 600 scfm compressor) I guess when the compressed air is released suddenly it creates a huge acoustic wave(an explosion if you will) on the the other hand the milder exhaust brakes function as a restriction in the exhaust to create a resistance to increase the force it takes to pump the exhaust out of the engine(most times the fuel is cut off during these breaking modes(if it werent you would really see some explosions) when the throttle plate is closed on a gas motor it functions as a vacuum pump which consumes a certain amount of energy -the diesel on the other hand,returns a lot of the energy from the compressed “airspring”(because the compressed air pushes the piston back down on the power stroke with a fair degree of effeciency) hence little retarding effect-Kevin

“Are you serious Circutsmith,?”

“I guess when the compressed air is released suddenly it creates a huge acoustic wave(an explosion if you will)”

Seems like you’ve said the same thing as me; just with a lot more words.

Probaly so CS,some people just like to know the mechanics of "whaz zup?( its noisy, but not