Why do the dash boards on all indicators go blank?

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I live in Atlanta, Georgia and have a 1993 Lexus 400 with 156,000 miles that drives great. However, every day when I first start the car, the dash board lights come on but after driving for about 5 minutes, they start to flutter and then go out completely and stay that way. The next day, they light up and after driving the same thing happens. When the weather is really cold, they do not light at all. This has been going on for about a year. I bought a good Die Hard Battery thinking that would solve the problem to no avail. What is wrong please?


What a terrible title.
Anyway, I think that you are talking about the gauge backlighting, not the indicator lights. (Indicator lights are such as the check engine light, oil light, turn signal indicators, and so on.)
The gauges on your car use EL backlighting. That requires a high AC voltage to work. It sounds like the inverter (the thing that turns low voltage DC to high voltage AC) has a problem. I don’t know if those can be swapped out without changing the whole gauge cluster or not.

Yes, it is the mileage, gas, speedometer and rpm gauges that blank out.