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Why did the wheel fall off the front of Johns Grand Cherokee?

If only the lug nuts came off the wheel, causing the wheel studs to sheer off, how did the brake rotor manage to come off at the same time? Unless there is something unusual about the way the front brakes are mounted on the Grand Cherokee, the brake caliper should have prevented that from happening unless the spindle also sheered off. Whats the deal??

I noticed the same problem with the story, I attributed it to someone wanting to print a more “spectacular” story or poor proof reading, the rotor doesn’t fall off when the wheel does.

The Brake Rotor Stayed On!
The whole rest of the Grand Cherokee with spindle and caliper sheared off of the wheel and brake rotor!

I thought the same thing, but I figured it might have come off from the impact of hitting the ground after the wheel came off.