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Why can't I get my custom car order the way I want it?

I am on my way out of the door. Retiring that is. I’m in the market for a new vehicle. So if I wanted to order it from the factory, why can’t I get it the way I want it? Cloth seats, timing chain plus a few more things that I want or don’t want on my new vehicle.

Because technology and tastes have moved on. Manufacturers cannot build whatever you want in any combination you might want. Economies of scale, regulations galore and more, prevent that.

On the flip side, the internet will bring a ton of information into your home allowing you to surf thousands of option packages and features to find as close to what you want as is possible. Daunting? Maybe, but it can be fun if you let it.

Plus you can come back to CarTalk Forums and discuss and ask and complain until your fingers fall off! :grin:

Because of assembly line restrictions , buy parts and features in large quantities plus what will sell and not set on the dealer lot for months.
Every vehicle web site has a build it yourself feature. Use that and you will be able to see so many different trim levels and if a dealer has one near you.

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