"whump" noise on stored del sol



What is the rhythmic “whump, whump…” noise on my newly purchased honda del sol SI automatic. It had been stored for at least 3 yrs when I bought it. I bought new brakes (pads and rotars), exhaust system, changed oil and filter, drained and changed other fluids and filters, and replaced belts (not timing belt). The noise comes from the front right side. It’s getting louder and I only hear it when I’m moving forward. The faster I move, the louder the faster the sound until I get up to about 45-50mph and then I can’t hear it or it might be there, just blended into one continuous noise. I’m worried I might be doing damage to my new “baby”.

Thanks for your help!



You didn’t say that you replaced the tires. If you didn’t, a flat spot on a tire could cause the noise you describe.


You’re right. I didn’t replace the tires, because the car was garaged when it was stored and the tires look good. Not cracked and I can’t see any flatness. I inflated the tires to the max just in case. This is all based on advice from others, because I don’t really know much about cars. Could the tire have a flat spot I can’t see and that overinflating doesn’t help? How can I know if the tire is definitely the problem I’m thinking I didn’t need the new brakes at $800 and don’t want to keep throwing money at it, if I don’t need to.
Thanks for replying to my question!


Exchange the right front tire with the right rear tire and see if the noise diminishes. I suppose the other possibility could be a wheel bearing, or possibly a CV joint, but I’ll bet on the tire.


Thanks for the ideas. I’ll certainly try switching the front and back right tires. I have my fingers crossed. Is there any problem with driving on a tire with a flat spot?
I very much appreciate your help.


The biggest danger is to assume that it is the tire, when, it might be a wheel bearing or something else. If it is the tire, the belt may be broken and this can lead to a tire failure which can be inconvenient at the least and dangerous in certain situations. At any rate, since you have a fun car to drive, I think you would want to have it right.


I wanted to give “Triedaq” and any one else who might be interested an update on the “whump” noise.
Unfortunately, the noise was not due to a flat spot on the stored car’s tire. It is a problem with the trans axle. I don’t know what that means except that it’s potentially very bad news. I have to take it to a transmission specialist, so wish me luck!