Who knows Saabs and their worth?

Would like to sell my Saab and wondering what the value of Saabs are if any. A little over 200g and a 91 sedan. Thanks, Kat

It depends on the condition of the vehicule. Average are between $1500 to $3000 in my area.

The Auto Shop specializes in used Saabs and has been in business for many years. Located in Appleton, WI.

Have you not used Kelly blue book web site or Edmunds . Or you could take it to CarMax for an estimate . Those of us here will not have a clue because we don’t even know where you are.

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Get on Auto Trader, Craig’s List and Ebay Motors and search for Saab 900’s like yours.

Notice I didn’t say Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book. Saab is essentially out of business and hasn’t produced a car sold in the US since about 2010. And “used car guide” at this point is useless and even less so on your 1991 car.

Most car buyers for 27 year old cars will shy away from “dead” brands with no service support so it is worth less than $2000 to any of them.

I suspect you think you have a collectors car. Maybe you do but only to a Saab aficionado. There are not that many of them so don’t expect a quick sale. Good Luck! (full disclosure - I own a 2001 Saab 9-5)

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This thing might at best bring 1000.00 ( I guess 200g means 200000 miles ) . Like Mustang I think the OP believes they have something worth more than it really is.

Its in fairly good shape, could use a paint job. Its a California car so no rust. 215,000 miles, mechanic owned before me. Its a great car i just don’t need it anymore. Your range is what i was thinking and i’ll ask $2,000. Thanks

It is a California car, Northern CA. I’m thinking ask $2500 and it has 215,000 miles and owned by a mechanic before me. Well taken care of, needs paint job. Thank you

Good info and thank you. Its a CA car, no rust. previous owner a mechanic. I’ll check out what you suggested. New at this kind of thing so appreciate advice. Kat