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why dose my 2000 chevy impala whitsle when i accelerate? it also seems to shift hard.

Sounds like you have a vacuum line that has cracked or come off.

…and like you’re going to be after a new transmission.

Unless, of course, you rely on a trusted shop to diagnose and repair it.

can a vacuum line cause the hard shifting or are you saying they have nothing to do with each other.

Yes, It could. As could a long list of other things.

There’s no where near enough information here for us to even begin to guess. The only recommendation I can offer is to find a good shop. I don’t think we’re going to get this solved on this forum.

Have you at least popped the hood, revved the engine and listened?

Especially check the big black intake snorkel. If a vacuum issue was leading to any hard shifting it would probably be right there as it would be throwing off the mass airflow readings.

to add to this. the whistle goes away when I deaccelerate. and trys to stall when i stop
I thought this may all be conected somehow

yes i have popped the hood, but it dosnt seem to make any noise wile i am in park. and as far as shifting from park ,nuetral, drive ect. everything seems fine, if that info helps.

I will try to check for a vacuum like again thogh thanks for that info at least that gives me somewhere to start looking. honestly i looked for a leak but didnt know where to look

yeah as far as mechanics go i am sort of a general guy. i can do my own brakes, change my own oil, starters altinators ,and generaly try to do things on my own. but this own has me stumped.