Whining sounds diagnosis

I just replaced the radiator for my car, and when I received the car it had new strange whining sound.
The sound is variable and shows up even when the car is still. When press the puddle it increases its pitch

What could be wrong?

The car is GMC terrain 2013

Remove the serpentine belt, turn each pulley by hand. My guess is a bad bearing.


Did you ask the place that did the work about the noise ?


They gave me some clear nonsense

Referring to old issue for radiator water getting mixed with gearbox oil

This was very long time ago and did an overhaul for it. Also there is no issues with gear shifting, so it didn’t make sense to me.

I will give it a look

Does this have transmission fluid cooler built into radiator?
Could be transmission damaged by coolant in oil.

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That would reflect clearly in performance
You will see some kind of delayed shifting or sudden shifting.
But gearbox performance is seamless

Have you inspected trans fluid condition?

All fluid are in good condition and levels