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Which small size SUV to buy 2015 model

I think you’re making the right move by keeping the car. A Corolla with only 70k miles on it is an infant and should last you another 7 years easy; and quite a bit longer if you so desire.

If that 500 includes those fluid changes and the timing belt that sounds like a good deal price-wise.
Of the new vehicles you mention, my preference would be the Subaru or a Mazda as has been suggested by others.

@texases Sorry, I meant $500 of course.

Even if OP has left the room, those of you who have had Corollas for a while, even if they are loyal and dependable cars, they can be boring. If OP has the money, what the heck. We had several of these things and they were great, but, after 8 to 10 years, we gave them to our kids or traded them in. Yawn.
Don’t mind @Docnick , he lives on the upper end and drives expensive cars where $5000 is nothing to him.

LOL, I recall a car reviewer writing some years back about the Camry that it was so boring you’d scream, but so quiet nobody would hear you. Corollas definitely are boring.

We’ve looked at the Corolla of and on since the 1970 model my parents decided was too cheap feeling and only had 3 doors compared to the 5dr Datsun 510 Wagon that mom bought as her first car. Corolla’s and Camry’s have always been plain and simple but boring as heck but also generally reliable and long lasting. That appeals to the average consumer. Others buy Mazda3’s or other more interesting rides.

"Puncture one tire and you may be looking at replacing all for off road tires at around 500."
Yep. Happened to me earlier this year, on nice tires that were only about a year old. I had a puncture that was not repairable & had to replace all 4 tires. Grrrr! Made me rethink my AWD since I don’t live where it’s snowy.

I’m stumped on how a 2009 toyota with 70K needs a repair of any kind. While 500 is relatively small, we have a 2007 yaris with over 100K and it has needed literally nothing. Oil changes and a set of tires of course, but original brakes with lots of life left (I’ve inspected them myself on top of having a shop inspect them) and I had the trans fluid changed even though the manual doesnt call for it. Not a smart idea at all to get rid of your car for a brand new one to “hide” from a 500 repair fee? You’re going to be making all kinds of payments that will far surpass that in the first month. Wheres the logic?