Which rig to buy

I have a choice. 1997 Toyota Tacoma 140000 miles 4cyl 4x4 matching topper clean $5750 or 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback 120000 miles Auto clean $3900

Please give me your input.


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The one that has been maintained properly. But gotta say, I am biased towards to Toyota. Lot of friends had had good experience with it. Granted, last week I say on on the road with the rear axle on the wrong side of the hwy.

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This is kind of apples to oranges because they are different types of vehicles. My gut feeling told me the Tacoma would be more dependable and reliable engine-wise, and comparing the two on carcomplaints.com seems to bear this out. See the comparison for yourself:

Definitely the Taco-Kevin

I’d take the Tacoma.

Bad bearing, I’d recommend checking into to the Subaru’s records a bit more. There were a number of head gasket issues during that time (1997). Personally I’d recommend the Toyota, but the Subaru will likely get slightly better gas mileage, though the 4 cyl Tacoma will do fairly well for a truck.

Head gasket has already been changed in the Subaru. The Tacoma sold…It was out of town and the guy wouldnt even let me wire him 1000 to hold it…

They’re both 15-16 years old. And totally different vehicles.
Like humans, vehicles age differently, largely depending on how well they’re treated. And people have different tastes. Which do YOU like better?

I drive a Baja, but I’d lean toward the Tacoma for the following reason:
With the Tacoma, you have the option of removing the cap if you needed to for cargo reasons. The Subie might give a small advantage on mileage, but given their respective ages, that’s a complete crap-shoot.
If you’re looking for a cargo hauler, the Tacoma will also be easier to clean out with a hose, than the Subie with a vacuum cleaner (don’t know how smelly your cargo might be.)
Don’t know the terrain you’re in, but the Tacoma will give you more ground clearance as well. Does either have a tow hitch? Do you care?
Oh - just noticed the Tacoma sold… sorry. But depending on when the head gasket got changed on the Subie, it’ll be in fine shape for another 75-90k before it needs it again. It’s a pain, but it’s part of the package with cylinders that fire sideways (horizontally opposed).
good luck,

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Make sure the tires match by size, brand, model, tread wear. That aspect is critical to Subaru AWD. Also ask about timing belt and make sure it was done around 105K mi.