Which Pickup will be suitable for a food truck?

Can anyone refer an Indian pickup for my small food truck business?

Check with the companies that make the Food Truck Bodies.

Catering Truck Bodies Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA (thomasnet.com)

I think the OP is looking for a truck available IN India, not a truck for Indian food.

Is that correct, @karansharma70001_175364 ?

Although my area could use a good Indian food truck to go along with Barbecue and Taco/Burrito offerings…

Posters here are primarily based in the USA and won’t be too much help if you want an Indian vehicle.

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Look around your area for what other similar food suppliers are using .

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Other than a pickup truck with a custom canopy on the back or the bed removed and replaced with a service body most commercial food trucks look like this in the U.S.

He says pickup for a FOOD TRUCK. What am I missing?

I think OP is going to pull a food trailer with a pickup. but I could be wrong.

The OP asked for an Indian pickup for his food truck in tbe body of his text. Hoping the OP will come back and clarify.

maybe its a Indian motorcycle with a sidecar. lol


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I think that the OP should be looking at Tatas.
Hopefully, bodacious Tatas.



Would that be mashed baked or fried. :laughing: :laughing:

Just their natural state will do just fine, thank you.

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OK I can deal with that. :laughing: :laughing: