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Which One!

Deciding on a used car, need opinions on two choices.
2009 Accord 135k miles, EX 4 cylinder
2010 Suzuki Kizashi, 56k miles, GTS
Assuming both are in good working condition, which would be best option. Low miles or a car that is actually still sold in U.S.?

“Good working condition” can be a falsely reassuring façade that could crumble within days of buying a car.
Anyone who buys a used car without having it inspected by a mechanic of his choice is potentially buying a money pit, IMHO.

All of that being said, here are some additional thoughts that you might want to consider:

That Accord has been driven–on average–almost 20k miles per year, and that is…a lot…but if the car has been maintained at least as well as the mfr specifies, then the odometer mileage shouldn’t automatically rule it out from consideration. Are the maintenance records available for you to inspect, and to compare with the mfr’s maintenance schedule? If the answer is yes, then I wouldn’t automatically dismiss this car because of its theoretically high odometer mileage. If the answer is no, then it is very possible that vital maintenance has been skipped, and that would be a very bad thing for the next owner.

Buying an “orphaned car” such as that Suzuki can be an exercise in frustration, as there is no longer any manufacturer support for problems that crop-up, and the supply of OEM parts can become problematic.
Additionally, this model–which was supposed to “save Suzuki” because it was…just so extraordinary–failed to excite more than a handful of buyers before Suzuki exited the US marketplace in disgrace.

In my neck of woods, there are huge numbers of imported cars on the road, but I have seen…maybe…three of these odd-ball cars over the years.
What does that say about the Kizashi’s desirability?
Yes, you could probably score a low price for that car, but in the long run it may prove to be a poor bargain due to a lack of mfr support.

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A major concern around here . . . SERVICE !
For the long run what is the outlook for having either serviced ?
THAT is a deal breaker in its own rite.
You could get a screamin’ deal on a car you can’t get fixed, AND, you can get a screamin’ deal on a car you can’t AFFORD to fix.

( btw ; In THIS small town ? . .neither of those ! )

I would buy neither! There are many good cars with lower mileage out there. Keep looking!

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You don’t mention the price either. Also what is your budget and car needs. I like the idea of buying an unpopular used car at a very cheap price, but the Suzuki is really lower on the list than just simple unpopular.

I hate being given two or three options only. We also need to know how many miles you drive and how much you can budget for repairs.

In my neck of the woods, somehow you get a good deal on 4-5 yr old Hyundai Elantra’s with 50-60 K miles on them.

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I definitely wouldn’t go for the Suzuki . . . in my entire life I’ve only seen one Kizashi on the road, so I suspect any parts beyond wiper blades, tires, oil filter and bulbs aren’t readily available

You don’t want to be without a car when your water pump fails, and the car is down for a few weeks, while you’re trying to locate one

Theoretically, the Accord might be a decent choice, provided the price is right, it was maintained reasonably well, it wasn’t in any kind of serious accidents, clear title, etc.

I would look around for cars with slightly lower mileage than that Accord

A used Hyundai Sonata can be a good deal. Get a newer one without a timing belt. Or if it’s older and has a timing belt, don’t even consider it unless you are handed a repair order which proves it was done recently

A Honda has tremendous value retention. Good if you’re selling, not so good if you’re buying. Pretty much the same with Toyota

If these are the only two cars for sale within 100 miles you are in a tight spot. I would chose the Honda, although the Suzuki for $1200 would not be bad (we know nothing about your location or prices).

First, thanks for replies and the good points for thought. I am located in the panhandle of FL, and for the time being my commute to and from work together is about 4 miles…I live on the base where stationed. however, the purpose for me purchasing a new vehicle is that I will be moving and a couple months up north to the DC area.

My current vehicle is a 2001 Dodge Dakota quad cab and my reason for wanting to trade in is to get a better vehicle for a longer commute and for snow filled winters.

the Accord is priced at 9000 and the Kivashi the kavashi at 8000. Most others cars I have been finding in price range are similar in mileage, but are mostly trucks with big engines (gas). A lot BMWs too. Both cars do show a history of maintenance, but points raised of finding parts when needed is definitely something to think about.

I suppose what I am really asking, and what has been touched on here, is 135k actually that much for a Honda Accord with regular maintenance a record? I have seen many well over 200k for sale.

Thanks again everyone.

A Honda with 135,000 miles and good maintenance history is barely broken-in.

There is a reason it is listed for $1000 MORE than a Suzuki with 58K. It has 100-200,000 miles of life left in the engine.

$8000 for that Suzuki is WAY too much

It should be priced SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the Honda, even with the low miles

The Suzuki guy may be smoking crack . . . he’s asking way too much. Scratch that car off your list.

The Accord is the clear choice, unless/until you mention some other cars . . .

Wouldn’t it make more sense to wait until you move to acquire another vehicle and only have to register it once.

Not sure the truck could make the trip. Starting to make more noises than usual and pretty much done paying money into it. Within last year new tires, CTM, fuel pump, TPS, O2 sensors, MAP sensor, IAC, plugs and wires, bunch of hoses, a pulley, and now thinking needing fuel injectors (long start and loses fuel pressure within half hour needing long start again). Getting beyond what this YouTube mechanic wants to deal with. Local auction prices for truck are between 1200 and 2200 and Honda dealer is willing to give 3500 for it. Took Honda to a shop for a quick check, seems to be well maintained and road ready.