Which oil to use

I agree, I think someone is just picking on you. I’m still looking for the guy that flagged me for abuse. I’ve been waiting outside but he’s a no show. There should be a way to get the flags removed after a probationary period and taking a course or two on PC speak. Kinda like a pardon

I agree.

I see that @jtsanders also got flagged for off topic

Here’s a question for the flagger

Is your dream job being a teacher handing out demerits for bad behaviour?

If the answer is no, why are you behaving this way?

I’ve got one more thing to say

Huff and puff . . .

“Is your dream job being a teacher handing out demerits for bad behaviour?”

He probably inspired Roger Waters to Write “Another Brick in the Wall”.

He flagged me “off topic” too for complaining about Db’s flag. I think he may be an Iowa Highway Patrol a little frustrated with the higher speed limits now. Coming back home, I actually saw one in the center median/ditch with only about a foot visible behind the weeds. I 'spose I’ll get flagged again but what are they going to do, fire me?

Just a quick question, how often do you change the engine oil? If its an 06 with 40k I wouldn’t think buying oil that wasn’t on sale would kill you, especially if you do it yourself.

I keep oil filters, oil, the whole bit for my fleet of stuff, I try to keep 2 on the shelf at all times, I buy stuff on sale and by stocking up supply timing is not an issue. Why not just buy ahead of time?

I get alot of flags for being off topic, I like to ramble.

A painter, who lived in Great Britain,
Interrupted two girls with their knittin’
He said, with a sigh,
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Just painted it, right where you’re sittin.

Its a lymrick, get it? Im rick… Lol… I amuse myself… Ok ok one more if you must.

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Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. It is not an official federal holiday but there is a guy here who shuts his shop down to celebrate it, he came here in the 1970’s as an immigrant. It means so much to him he shuts down his shop. How many people are that patriotic?

Yep, that’s patriotic. People that have been here all their lives don’t realize what a great country this is. Reasonable freedom usually and opportunities unheard of in other places. We just need to make sure it stays that way contrary to what some special interest groups would like.

On my 2012, I change oil every 5000 miles when the OLM is at about 50%. I use 0-20 Mobil 1. On my O9, I change oil every 3000 when the OLM shows about 50%. I use standard Mobil 5-30. Lawn mower each spring and fall and once during the summer depending on use (about 20 hours). Snow blower each spring. When I was driving 50K a year, I’d buy oil by the case on sale. Now I just keep enough for an oil change or two on hand and buy when on sale or when I need it. You’re talking maybe $25 a change so not really terribly expensive. I also keep several filters on hand. I remember watching my dad forget to put the plug in the oil pan so I alway have extra oil on hand just in case I’m asleep at the switch sometime. Also, it is possible to get a bad filter (although) I’ve never had one, but I like to have a spare on hand just in case. Others will disagree but its worked for me for a million or so miles.


Yes, and flag day to him is not another day to sit at the pool (he don’t have a pool but you know what I mean) He goes to a celebration at a monument here in town, then puts flags on the graves of veterans in a few of the rural, forgotten cemeteries around here. It almost brough a tear to my eye when he told me all this. Alot of Americans take this country for granted, including me.
He has a small Gyro and hotdog shack, works 7 days a week, 10-14 hours a day, and he is always happy. He loves this country with all his heart.

Anyway, Back in the late 1990’s I got a call from a cousin, he was changing the oil on his ford escort and forgot the drain plug. It was a 1988 1/2 escort wagon, I believe it was synthetic that he dumped on the ground, however I may be wrong.

Needless to say he asked me to bring him some oil dry and 4 qts of 5w30. So it never hurts to have extra, and I have never had a bad filter either, but its definately a possibility.

I have an assortment of screws, drywall, lag ect… I have bolts as well. The neighbors call me the hardware store. Its nice not to have to run to town when you need misc. stuff. I figure i have 150 bucks in assorted screws, nails, washers, heat shrink tubing, cotter pins ect… that I bought to have on hand. Then theres the misc. buckets filled with whatnot. Its well worth it on a sunday at 8pm when you need something.

Hey, flagger

You’re a lagger

There were just several posts that YOU would consider off-topic

I expect you to flag them off topic mere seconds after they’re posted

Or is it primarily ME that you have a beef with?

Hey teacher, leave us kids alone!

@Bing; “People that have been here all their lives don’t realize what a great country this is.”

So true; I arrived here as an immigrant/student. On day 2 of my life here, I realized I had more rights in US than I had in my native country. Never looked back. Anytime I see someone complaining, I remind them of my personal experience.

As far as the flags go, I think some just end up clicking on something while they didn’t really want to click on it.

I think we will see when this post gets flagged :slight_smile:

@wheresrick While we’re off topic, yeah I like to have hardware stuff on hand. I don’t mind running to the store but not much open Sunday night. I do have an assortment of copper pipe fittings and caps. Longer story but coming back from vacation a pipe had frozen and burst and was pouring water out when the water was turned on again. Of course about 11:00 Sunday night. I was able to patch it though. Spare fuses for the air conditioner when its 99 out, etc. etc.

@Bing I’d just want to move away from somewhere that had temperatures as low as freezing and as high as 99 degrees. :slight_smile:

Hey flagger!

You’re having a field day flagging all of us unruly children, aren’t you?

Flag this too, while you’re at it!

Yeah, this is off topic, but if you want to be consistent, you need to flag nearly every post in the “Hail to the Chief!” discussion. >:^)


Perhaps the flagger will follow your advice and do just that

He will be pretty busy if he actually does flag all of that stuff . . .

I’d like the flagger to tell us why he chooses to flag us. You can leave private messages, if you wish, and tell us why we offended you.


So would I

Perhaps he’ll send you a private message and explain

But then you’ll go blind because . . .


Remember that movie?

I only did it until I had to wear glasses. Didn’t see the movie.

It was from “A few good men”