Which of the following repairs must I do prior to long distance drive? HELP!

Hello all,

I have been told by my mechanic that my 12 yr old car [valued at $2-3K] is in need of the following:

side mount $154

PS flush $154

rear brake and drums $575

lower mount $388

3 flush $242

Of the above, [other than obvious brake/drums], which do you think would absolutely need to be done prior to a long distance drive?

Also, what are mounts? Are they integral to proper engine function??


Clued in

Forget the PS flush. Replace that when you replace the power steering pump or never.

I would make sure the coolant and transmission fluid is replaced not flushed. (assume part of 3 flush?). Brake fluid is prudent also but not requirement.

Define “long distance.”

I’d get another opinion. A lot of this stuff is profit generation, and little else.

The brakes are a safety issue, and are important.

The motor mounts are questionable. Are there any symptoms associated with bad motor mounts, or is the mechanic on a fishing expedition?

You don’t need a PS flush, and unless you tell us what the other three flushes are we can’t recommend one way or the other.

I agree with the others. There are about $150 worth of parts in your rear drums and shoes amd misc hardware. You and a handy friend with basic tools could do that yourself.

Brake fluid and coolant should be replaced every two to three years, but there is no need to do this before any particular road trip. Transmission and power steering fluid should be replaced every 5-10 years, or whenever they discolor, but again, not before any particular trip.

I am not familiar with your mounts or how hard they are to replace. On some cars, various parts have to be dismantled to get to the mounts, and there can be real finger-pinch hazards if the engine is not properly supported, so I hesitate to suggest that you tackle those. Is there evidence that the engine is moving around, suggesting broken mounts?

The prices above seem a little high to me. Has this guy got a boat payment due?

Thank you both!
Long distance = 10 hrs
The car does stall a bit when first moving from stopped position and it does make some abnormal sounds…but runs fine. It’s a Honda Civic w 130K miles on it.

they’re dealership prices…i trust them with the diagnostics…but they are truly overpriced- this I know.

I still think a second opinion is in order. The brake repair prices seems high, and a lot of the other stuff may not be necessary.

Has the timing belt on your Civic ever been replaced? If not, I’d make that priority # 1.

For a 10 hour trip? None. They’ll wait …all of them. You’ll drive 10 more hours before taking it to the shop for repair.