Which Newer Volvo Wagon?

I’ve been driving a '95 850 Turbo Wagon for the last 12 years. The turbo has gone bad and engine leaks oil badly. Repairs are going to be $1000 to keep it on the road. I’m thinking of getting a new Volvo wagon–I like them for my typical cargo of dogs and kids. Could anyone recommend years/model to look at? The beloved mechanic who has kept my wagon going all these years does not much like models newer than 1998, but I’d prefer something a bit newer, lower miles. I’m wary of maintenance expenses though. FYI, this wagon is my second Volvo–previously I drove a '79 244DL. I guess I’m attached to the brand, but I’m happy to hear why I should abandon this loyalty. I need to be practical and spend around 10k for a car. Any advice?

There are a lot of newer wagon/crossovers on the market today. I would check those out first. Toyota have the Venza, very roomy, even Chevy has a roomy wagon now.

If you want tons of room for kids and animals, the Ford Flex looks like a traditional full size wagon. It also has a good repair record.

Forget a Volvo wagon. I had a '98 V70XC and '00 V70XC wagons. Both maintenance nightmares, and that is true of virtually all the “newer” Volvo wagons. Look great, nice seats, and lots of expensive repair bills every couple of months. Figure about $2000 a year to keep one going.

Subaru Forester, Ford Taurus wagon, Ford Freestyle, Chevy HHR, Toyota Venza, Dodge Magnum, Mazda 6 Wagon, Pontiac Vibe, Toyota Matrix are all pretty good choices to look into. Most will be cheaper to maintain/repair than a Volvo.