Which is the best camper-van for a long road trip?

I am going on an extended road trip. Looking for a camper van. so far, choices are:1995 GMC Vandura 2500 Travelr van $3,500.;1984 VW vanagon $10,000 -lots of new stuff…1995 VW Eurovan Full Camper $5,000. 264,000 miles(!)’ 1995 GMC E-250 coachman camper-van $9,500, 132,000miles all good ready to go (they say); last but not least- 1991 Go Westy VW vanagon westfilia @ $22,000 (thats twenty-two THOUSAND $!) all rebuilt/fully restore…
HELP I dont know anything about cars or vans.

I’m no expert either, but I have met many people who had problems with VW vans, no matter what model or year.

The 1995 VW Eurovan would be a bottomless money pit and ruin many of your holiday trips.

Not knowing how long a trip you are taking you might do like my neighbor does. They take a month traveling every year and they rent. If it breaks down the rental co. has the problem, not them.

Agree with Docnick, avoid the VWs. They are unreliable and costly to maintain.

Take either of the GMC vans, but whatever you buy, have a trusted independent mechanic check it out first.

I agree with @jesmed1 here with a nod toward the GMC E-250 Coachmen. I’ve owned a couple of them and they have quality built right in.

The GMC’s would probably work fine but depending on how recently GoWesty did the work on the 1991 Vanagon it could be a good reliable rig. They seem to know these vans and incorporate upgrades from the factory for reliability. But have any prospects checked over by a specialist just to be sure.

Using the $22000 amount in your present vehicle at 200.00 a day you could be on the road for over 100 days and at 300.00 about 70 days. Also depending where you are going a travel van might be more trouble than it’s worth.

Have you considered renting an RV? It looks like you are going on one trip, not a series of trips. If you plan to use the van for future trips, buying one may make sense. Even if you take future trips, it still might make sense to rent one for the first trip to see if you can stand it. If you don’t like RVing, you can just return the rental. You can’t do that with one you own. Everything you are looking at is high mileage and is more likely to need repairs on the road than something you can rent.

I envy you, but not if you end up with a VW. They are unreliable, not very safe, and underpowered. The last you’ll notice most at altitude, or climbing a grade. The GM vans are likely better, but only if a mechanic says they’re in good shape. Otherwise, keep on looking (and not at Volkswagens).

I’d rent. Much less $$, new RV, no maintenance or storage costs.

Find yourself a camper forum that specializes in answering these questions.

Renting makes sense if you’re taking shorter trips, and not that often. If you make long trips every year, buying makes more sense. My parents used theirs constantly for a decade. Renting would have been much more expensive than buying used, as they did. They were lucky enough to live in a senior development that had free RV parking, so didn’t have that expense.