Which is priority, timing belt, oil pan, shock absorber?


I have a 1999 Honda Accord Ex,4 door, v6. The current mileage is 105000. I want to know which of these important problem I should spend money on since my budget is tight.

The timing belt $250 labor+ parts

The shock absorbers: $150+ parts

The thread on the oil pan:$75+ labor cost

AC :blush:

As it stands now I can only do one and I am completely stuck, cant make any decision now but I still drive the car to work and other daily activities because its my only car. I know I should make a decision before I experience a severe damage due to not fixing these things. What should I do?

Timing belt is definitely priority. If that thing goes, you’ll be looking at a lot more work and $$.

As for the shocks/struts, I’d be a little surprised if you ACTUALLY needed them already. How do you know you need them? Someone tell you this, or is the car driving/feeling funny?
I’ve had vehicles much older with a lot more miles, and they were just fine with the original shocks. I guess your situation may be different. Have you done the ol’ bounce up and down on the bumper test? (push down on the hood and trunk real hard a couple times. If the car stops bouncing after one or two times, then you should be fine).

As for the plug thread on the oil pan, maybe someone on here can tell you if that’s a decent price you have quoted. I wouldn’t know, but if the car’s due, or close to due for an oil change, you may want to have that done before the shocks.

The AC is a luxury- comes last.

Thanks for responding. Do you know where around san diego California or surrounding cities where I can chg timing belt cheaper than $250. I hear the noise when it gallups and someone else observed it.

You can try this to find a mechanic:

though $250 sounds pretty reasonable.

The timing belt will total your car, it is a priority. It may last a while longer with luck but is past due in time if never changed.

On the basis of elapsed time, your engine was due for a timing belt replacement about 1.5 years ago. Ergo, it is living on borrowed time, and is hanging on by a thread (figuratively, and possibly, literally). As Andrew implied, when (not if) that timing belt snaps, the damage to your engine will be well over $2,000, over and above the cost of the timing belt.

This is really a no-brainer. If you have the money for only one of these procedures, doesn’t it make sense to do the one that is long overdue and that would result in a huge repair bill if it is not done?

Incidentally, a glance at the Honda Maintenance Schedule that should be sitting in your glove compartment will confirm that the timing belt should be replaced at 105k miles or 105 months, whichever comes first. For your own financial well-being, you really should be using that maintenance schedule, because timely maintenance is invariably cheaper than the repairs that result from lack of maintenance.

As everyone says, the timing belt comes first. You’re on borrowed time already. That’s a surprisingly low price. By the way, most people also replace the water pump at the same time because the labor is already covered, but if money is that tight, maybe you’ll have to take a chance here.

The oil pan thread is next. If you can’t do that now, make sure you understand that if it blows out and the oil pressure light comes on, you have to stop your engine immediately (assuming it’s safe)! Too many people come to this message board after trying to drive a few miles home with the light on, when it’s too late.

I agree with all posters that says that the Timing belt is your first priority. The thread on the oil pan, Is it the one that the drain plug threads into? If it is you might try to go to a parts store and see if they have a thread repair kit for the drain outlet for your car. If they do you can install it by yourself. Does’nt take much to repair with this kit. Drain your oil and screw the adapter into the pan put drain plug back in, it might come with the kit, and refill your oil. Check to make sure the repair kit is’nt leaking and if not your done. If it does than thighen the adapter a little at a time tell all oil stops leaking.

I know of two good shops in the North County.
Perfect Timing in Vista.
Infinite Motion in San Marcos.

$250 for a new timing belt is more than a good deal - it’s amazing. If this is a good mechanic, consider this a died-and-went-to-heaven moment. Think of the bucks you are going to save in the future.