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Which car?

Looking for a car that will serve as my main car and also my daily commuter to work (100 miles roundtrip five days a week). I would like a car that is dependable, comfortable, fun to drive, and somewhat economical. A little style would be nice, too, since it will be my main car. I have looked at a 2005 and 2007 Toyota Solara, both with around 60K on them and in great condition. These are convertibles and should help with the fun factor. The other car is a 2010 Kia Soul - brand new. The Soul has free maintenance and tires for the life of the vehicle. It’s automatic with a lot of features, but I have never had a car this small. So, I can go with an older Solara for around $14500 or a new Kia for $18500. Any thoughts on this scenario? Thanks!

Free Tires For Life (Of Vehicle) ? I’d Really Go Over The Fine Print !

This sounds like a way of getting car owners in for inspection, balance, alignment, flushes, up-selling, etcetera.

They can’t buy new tires for anybody who hits pot holes or curbs and knocks out the alignment or runs on underinflated or overinflated tires. I won’t believe it.

I’ll bet you this “tires for life” offer isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

Free maintenance ? What’s included ? All parts (timing belts, W/Wipers, filters, brake pads, rotors), labor, fluids, shop rags, disposal fees, etcetera ? Now, that would be something ! Any strings attached ? Again, read the fine print.


I wouldn’t buy either. A convertible seems like a good idea until you own one. Noisy, cold in winter and the novelty of the open top wears out the first time a rock or some debris at highway speeds makes its way into your cabin! The Soul is a fun looking car but if you’ve never had a small car you’ll be disappointed the first time you need the extra space and with the quality of the ride over bumps. In your price range there are many models to chosse from that would still be “fun” to drive but more practical to commute in. If you have such a long drive, get something that will be smooth on the highway.

I would be inclined to go with the Soul. We have owned Corollas, etc as second cars, so we have no space issue. Trips shorter than 300 miles or so were fine in the Corollas. The 100K drive train warranty that Kia offers is attractive also.

A Lightly Used Chevrolet Malibu With 100,000 Mile / 5 Year Drive Train Warranty Gets Better Hwy MPG Than A Used Solara Or New Seoul.


The Malibu is not a convertible, but is a roomy, very safe, comfortable car. I sat in an 09 that had just a few thousand miles on it and it was in your price range.

I was very pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the seats were. I could commute in one of those. It has very good crash ratings and just betcha the insurance would cost you less than a Solara or Seoul and it’s got an American sounding name.