Which Car to take for Cross Country MD to CA and Los Angeles commuter

I need to take a car to Los Angeles for my wife to use. I have 2 cars, a 2007 Toyota Yaris with 220K Highway Miles on it and Still gets 35-36 MPG. Its in decent shape and my daily driver. I also have a 2005 Altima with 100k on it, not sure on mileage since I seldom drive it since I have the Yaris but most probably 25/26 MPG on the highway. Los angeles = Traffic thats why I want to drive the Yaris for her to use. Which car should I take. BTW before I can take the Altima I have to take it for alignment, and balance plus its suspension is shot. Nothing wrong with they Yaris other than high Miles. Which car should I take? I’m driving from MD to CA last week of december.

Which car does she prefer? Happy wife= happy life.

Can both pass the Cali smog inspection? They both are 50-states legal, so it is a matter of condition. And I guess you must not live in central MD. The rush hour traffic in the DC/Baltimore metro area is actually worse than in LA. Which does she prefer? I’d take her the one she likes best.

She likes the Altima, but I definitely know the Yaris has the 50 state emission option. We only got the Altima and already the third owner. She will have a 30 mile drive in LA through I10 and 60 have not been there, just going to drive the car there and fly back. I also want to get a feedback on the 220k miles. I think it can still do another 100k, but not sure how brutal city traffic would be. All those miles have been in highway.

I hope the Yaris would go another 100K miles, but I would not bother moving it cross country with that hope. Now are you willing to fix the Altima? With any major move like that, you really have to be dedicated to the car, ie if the transmission went you are going to fix it. How about selling the Altima and buying something decent in CA? Just beware of the ~10% sales tax in CA.

The Altima will be much better in LA traffic than the underpowered and noisy Yaris. Yes the Yaris is a good car but that long a commute will be murder in a Yaris, even if the A/C is working. I would not wish a Yaris in LA traffic on my wife. The Altima will be more relaxing to drive cross country as well. We had a very long thread here in the past, whcih we called “The Yaris Girl”. This lady bought a two door model and found it very uncomfortable.

Read any Consumer Report on this “Not Recommned” vehicle and you will see how the average person will react to it.

The Yaris is a tough reliable little car that just has too many shortcomings.

I’d prefer the Altima, and it would be better in an accident.

I’d say the Nissan if for nothing more than the total miles on the car. The Toyota is going on near a quarter million and no matter how it’s doing at the moment, it’s due for something major and odds are a thorough exam could find a number of things wrong with it right now.

Why is the Altima suspension “shot” as you describe it, and with only a 100k miles on it? The way it’s described does sound a bit odd.

Get the Altima fixed in he next couple of weeks before you leave and take it. Do you know where to get it repaired? If you live near Columbia, I have a place for your suspension repairs.

jtsanders. I’m actually from Allentown pa. will just be spending the holidays in Frederick. both of the Altima struts are bottoming out and the rear also needs alignment since tires are feathering. I fear that it could also be a suspension issue even though the rear doesn’t bounce around, just the front. Also needs a new radio but that’s, easy to change. i also think the fkywheel is damaged on the altima since every now and then it does bot catch wheb starting it up. Everyone is definitely right about the ride though, the yaris is harsh and noisy. just sticking to it due to its high MPG.

Um, she prefers the Altima? Altima it is then.

BTW how do I know if it will pass CA emissions. we also have emission tests here in PA and will actually need to have the Altima inspected before I go. Already bought the radio from crutchfield and thinking of buying this http://www.autozone.com/autozone/parts/Gabriel-
to replace the front suspension. Are these kits decent?

For the struts check amazon and rockauto too. You could probably wait an extra 2-3 days for the shipping considering cost. If you check engine is not on and gas mileage is good then chances are the Altima will pass. Is it burning a lot of oil if any?

You like the Yaris, she doesn’t. The Yaris isn’t a good car for such a long highway trip. Fix the Altima and you keep the Yaris in MD and she drives the Altima in CA.

hahaha. nicely put uncle turbo. gallant, its not burning any oil so its good. Thanks everyone for all the no BS advice. Altima it is.