Which Car to Keep -- Mazda MX-6 or Subaru Outback?

My husband and I are getting an all-electric Nissan Leaf this spring and will let go of one of our other cars – a 1995 Mazda MX-6 and a 2000 Subaru Outback. Originally, we were going to keep the Outback because it is newer and has more cargo space (which does come in handy), but I am rethinking that. Advice anyone?

Details: We are the original owners of both cars. The Mazda, a 4-cyl automatic, has 55,000 miles; new battery, spark plugs, fuel pump, and pretty new tires.It also has its original brakes (not ABS) because they still register “green” on all of the safety checks. The car does need a paint job. The Subaru has 92,000 miles and new tires (its third set). It seems that over the years, the Subaru has cost us more in repairs, but it also is driven much harder (not just further) and not tended to as much as the Mazda.

The car we keep will be driven by me, the one who has driven the Mazda all of these years (gentle driver on around-town trips). We don’t do many road trips, particularly more than two or three hours away. So which car would you keep and why?

This is a tough decision, as generally I would always suggest the newer car for many reasons, most of which has to do with safety. I believe you are at a cross roads with both cars, one for age and the other for mileage. When a body needs a paint job, it may not be long before rust is a problem that’s impossible to economically recover from.
If you can afford it, I’d say it’s time for a new car and selling both and moving on would be my suggestion. Otherwise, if pressed, I’d go with the Subaru.

For reliability and low repair costs the nod goes to the Mazada. For more cargo space, flexibilty, and AWD (handy if you live in a snowy area) the nod goes to the Outback.

Since the Leaf is small, and can’t be used for long trips I’d keep the Outback. If you feel traveling in the Mazda on trips works fine for you (big enough trunk, etc.) then keep the Mazda.

I Would Definitely Keep The Mazda And The Subaru And Run Them For Several More Years. The Car You Need To Be “Rethinking” Is The Electric Nissan.

What is your reason to buy this electric car ? I don’t think it makes the most sense, especially economically speaking (neither of you drive enough). Save your money and get a replacement car when it becomes more a necessity. You can thank me later.


There is no question we are getting the electric car. My husband will use it to commute about 20 miles a day and we would like to reduce our emissions. Because most of our electricity comes from hydro here (Pacific NW), we will not be burning coal to charge the car. The Leaf also will keep him a bit safer than what he really wanted – one of those three-wheeled contraptions (I think electric too, but am not sure) that sits way too low to be seen by other cars. He also wants a smaller car for parking purposes and because he just doesn’t need the cargo/passenger space (although my Mazda doesn’t give him enough head room).

While I appreciate the advice, my original question is the more important one, because no matter which new car we get, we’d still get rid of one of the old ones.

Do You Have Any Idea How Much Coal Will Be Burned To Make You A New Car And A Bunch Of Batteries ? You’d Be Ahead Of The Game Economically And Environmentally By Keeping What You’ve Got.

Then think about this. Are you having the car crushed that you’ve decided to get rid of ? If not then some other bloke will be “increasing” your emissions driving the Mazda or Subaru because most people drive more than you.

You’re scaring me with your “logic” or lack of it. Trust me, you are way ahead of the game to dance with the one who brought you.


Where’d Fitzychick Go ? We Were Just Getting To Know Each Other.


Keep the car you like best. You have to drive it, so be comfortable in your favorite.

and to think a a few years ago someone thought that adding ethanol to gasoline was going to solve some problems…not so!

Green = Keep the old car you already have running as efficiently as possible. Common Sense is an uncommon virtue, CSA!