Which A/C system for 1971 El Camino

Should I fix the current system and use Freon, yes expensive when I need it or should I install new 134a system, expensive up front cost?

Probably the best way is to have the present system retrofitted for R134a. Even if you can find R12, you may not be able to get it in the future because it is illegal to manufacture it anymore. The retrofit involves replacing o-rings and hoses with those compatible with R134a; flushing and draining all the oil from the system; refilling the compressor with compatible oil; replaceing the receiver/dryer; drawing a vacuum on the system; and charging with the R134a. There may be other steps that I am not cognicant of. You might run the Elc by a airconditioning shop for a consultation and an estimate.

Hope that helps.

Dear Researcher, You seem a knowledgeable and helpful person. There are a number of them on this board, but considering you rather new, I wanted to say thanks for your help as your responses are spot on, along with busted knuckles, hellokit, vdcdriver, sameoldmountanbike, oldschool, caddyman, transman, mcparadise, docnick and so many others I can’t name off the top of my head. Don’t dis me just feel free to add a name to my list if you wish, answer to the question, WHATEVER HE SAID!