Where to buy?


We’re getting ready to move from NYC where we have been able to use public transportation (no cars). We’re moving to TX and will need to buy some cars. Is there any advantage to buying a car in one state or another, aside from differences in sales tx? Can we purchase in NY without licensing, or must we get a license where the car is purchased even if we don’t plan on living there?


I assume you have a valid NYS drivers license…
You should buy the car where it is cheapest…if in NY then you have to get them to TX. One problem I can see is the tax…if you buy in NY then you have to pay the NY taxes…when you get to TX and register the cars do you have to pay tax or will TX credit tax paid?? If you aren’t remaining in TX and if you claim NY as residence then keep NY plates on car and keep NY license. Otherwise you just trade NY license for one in TX? When you return to NY will they accept TX license without restrictions??? somethings to think about.


No brainer. Buy used cars in Texas. They do not salt their roads in what the rest of the country calls winter because they don’t have much of a winter. (Of course that makes it fun on those rare occasions when they do have ice or snow.) TX cars are prized by those who can buy them and take them to rust belt areas. It will be cheaper not to have to drive or otherwise transport the cars to TX too.

Never buy a new car unless you win the lottery. The depreciation as soon as you drive off of the new car lot will cause you to have a heart attack and be unable to enjoy your car.

TX state sales tax is 8.25% with the possiblility of a local tax as well. Shop for a dealer who does business an area that doesn’t have a city tax. If you buy from an individual, expect to get to pay the sales tax when you register the car in your name.


Move to Texas, then buy a car. It’s the simplest way to do it, and will eliminate all kinds of hassles.

I seriously doubt you will save any money by buying in NY and transferring the title to Texas. My guess is that it will cost you money.

Move first, then buy a vehicle.


Nothing wrong with buying one in Texas. NYC has tremendous overhead costs. They have to make a lot more money to cover that.


most of the guys above mine are correct. I just wanted to give you an example. I bought a car in San Antonio for $6000 and for tax, title, and license it was about $400. Hope that helps you be able to do some figuring


Some other things to think about are:

  1. Having to do an inspection in TX when the car is brought from NY. There could be problems if the states have different requirements.

  2. If NY allows you to put a temp tag on the car before you move; you are forced to get a new plate almost on your arrival in TX too. You could also get a regular plate and wait until next year but you would still have the inspection to do.

  3. Emissions could also be different.

  4. Lets not forget some police target out of state plates first and let their own idiots slide.


One problem I can see is the tax…if you buy in NY then you have to pay the NY taxes…

WRONG…You pay the tax on where you REGISTER the car. If you buy a car in NY and just get a temporary tag you do NOT pay a sales tax. If you do register then you’ll have to pay the sales tax.

What you want to do is buy a car where ever it’s cheaper. If cheaper in NY then buy it but DON’T reister it. Get a temporay 20-day tag for transport. Drive it to Texas then register it AND pay the sales tax which is going to be based on the value of the car NOT necessairly what you paid for it.


Also note that the plates stay with a used car when it’s sold in TX. Buying one with current plates and inspection will also save you some up-front money.


Seems to us; calls need to be made to see what the laws are in NY and TX BEFORE they buy a car so they know what they are in for.

CO allows you to email your questions to the dmv and they get back to you within a few days so if you dont have time to call; see if you can email them.


Sales tax will get you when you move so thats a non-issue.

I would buy where you are going to reside. If an issue arises state laws can protect you. If you buy out of state your about 1500-2000 miles away from the jurisdiction if you need to go the legal route.


I’d buy it in Texas, especially if it is a used car. You need to check on state inspection requirements, especially if you buy from a private party. West Texas cars will have the least rust since they are desert cars. But you may not have an option if you live near the Gulf of Mexico.


I’d say you are probably better off buying in Texas. Yes, you could get a temporary tag in NY and drive the car to TX, but that just means you spend money on gas and motels. If buying used, a Texas car is more likely to be rust free and have lived an easier life (long highway trips are easier on a car than city traffic). Unless you are getting a screaming deal on a car in NY, I would not even consider buying before moving.


This guy is smart. Listen to him. Also, another thing to consider: The cost of transporting a vehicle could be quite a lot. It would probably be cheaper to buy once you get there.