When to call it quits

My car was at the dealer’s for servicing 2x over the last 3 days. So far in the last 12-18 months I’ve replaced 3 out of 6 coils, as well as brakes.

I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before other stuff goes. The question is how much time. If we trade this car in and buy a new one we’ll have to take out a loan. If we can squeeze another 6 mos-1 year we may not have to. I’m getting tired of not having a car I can depend on.

Call it quits when you lose confidence. Brakes and coils in 12-18 months is not a large issue. Sounds like maintenance for a vehicle 7+ yrs old if it is.

This is a Mazda MPV with 63K miles, what year? If 3 of 6 coils has gone out recently, I’d suspect the other 3 could be near the end too. If you replace those last 3 and the spark plugs as well you should be OK on that score for a while.

Don’t understand your other issues. It maybe time for a new car if you don’t want to deal with a repair or two now and again as your mpv is getting older.


Ignition coils can be easily killed by aged spark plugs which should be replaced on a regular basis. Brakes are also a normal maintenance item and these 2 things you mention can occur with any car made.

If the spark plugs have never been replaced and the coils are being replaced without a plug replacement then the shop has made a pretty bad error.