When should I change my timing belt? Grand Prix 2001 GT



Does anyone know the proper timing belt change interval on a Pontiac Grand Prix 2001 GT? 3.8 v6 I currently have 78,000 miles on it. Thanks in advance!


Do you have an owner’s manual? It should be in the glove compartment, it’ll give you a mileage as well as a time interval for changing your belt


If you open the hood, and the plastic cover over the engine reads 3800 series 2 then there is no timing belt to change. There is a timing chain that should not need changed on a maintenance schedule


Are you sure it has a belt? My Gates guide covers cars and trucks to 2006, and your Grand Prix is not listed past 1996. I suspect your car has a timing chain. The easy way to check is to look at the front of the engine. A timing belt will be covered by a separate plastic cover extending up to the valve covers. A chain will have the valve covers with no separate cover in the front. The reason is timing chains are lubricated with engine oil, and within the main engine seals. Timing belts should remain dry, and are outside of the main engine seals.


Thank’s for you’re responses. You are correct it has a timing chain and the manual mentions nothing of maintence. I know a timing chain broke on an 86 park ave I had at about 120,000 miles causing about $1,250 in repairs. Just trying to avoid that same scanerio.


1250$ to replace a timing chain you need a new mech.


Please re-read the post. The timing chain broke, and probably bent some valves in the process. A lot of timing chain engines are interference. This means the pistons will hit valves if the timing chain breaks, and the valvetrain gets out-of-sync with the pistons and crankshaft.