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When is it time to throw in the towel?

I was wondering what to do with my Olds. It just sits there looking good. I went to jack up the rear wheel to pull it off to check the brake pads, and the jack started to push through the jacking point. Rust. End of the road. Soon as it warms up a little and get some time, its off to the junk yard. The title is laying on my desk ready to go. Can’t fix frame or under-body rust.

Its hard for me to make that call since I can repair pretty much everything vehicle related.

As far as your latest conundrum? The two items you mentioned really arent very daunting. The neutral switch should be external on the trans…if it isnt… there are ways around it.

The intake gaskets just might make you feel proud of a job well done…not too difficult. Take some detailed photos first…then dive in man. You just might surprise yourself. If you get into trouble I will show up and bail you out…hows that sound? LOL… if you were local I would actually do what I just said but…who knows where u live. Im always one to encourage people to feel the sense of accomplishment that I feel on a daily basis and I can tell you that it never gets old…that feeling that you did it… It will bring you closer as a couple. But seriously…I dont think your issues are a bail out type of thing at the moment… Walk away from it for a while…forget any previous work you did…and approach it fresh. You have two relatively simple issues to correct…is it that bad for you? Methinks not.

Then again…if we have extremely high mileage AND RUST? Its a different story. Depends how much you like the vehicle. I could see if you said it had blown piston rings or blown synchros in the trans… but to me…these two things? I know what I would be doing in the afternoon today if I had this nice little reliable Passport. Its up to you and may be an emotional rather than logical decision…there is nothing wrong with either of them. But if you said to me…someone who hasnt done any work on it prior…that these two things needed replacement… Id just knock it out in a few hrs and smile while I took my victory lap. I have owned many things with a very similar story. But admittedly…Im a bad one to ask cause i do some stupid stuff sometimes… To date, its all paid off for me…but it could easily go the other way.


@Bing Right! When the jack goes through the floor it’s time to say goodbye. I sold one car that still looked good and was mechanically sound (76 Ford Granada) for $750 to a guy to use as a beater. I told him about the rust and take it to a car shop to change the tires.

We don’t have detailed inspections here (brakes, wipers, steering, lights and WW washer only), so he happily bought it with only 108,000 miles on it and a killer stereo.

Oh jeez…the jack is going thru the floor? Thats No Bagooza… I would have to ask why you put the jack under the floor pan however but thats just me…

If she is rusting to death…this may be a moot point… Capice ?


@HondaBlackbird A figure of speech. The jack goes under a reinforced spot on the unit body. On a Granada that’s part of the floor pan; it’s slightly reinforced only…

Huh? I thought the Crapanada had body on frame originally? No?


@HondaBlackbird The Granada was always a unit-body design it was really a rehashed Falcon; the Torino, the Ford intermediate, was the smallest Ford with a frame.

The original British designed Granada, never sold here, may have been a body on frame design, but I doubt it!

I remember the european Ford Granadas . . . AFAIK they were also unibody

I agree with those who say a high-maintenance car with rust on structural area means it’s time to part company. Keeping it is just delaying the inevitable. Another major reason to buy a newer car may be safety – modern cars are not only more crashworthy (especially if yours is a rustbucket), they probably handle better, and have more safety features than most cars built in 2001. Plus, they are probably more fun to drive!