When and why are cigarette lighters and ash trays no longer in vehicles?

And you don’t do anything that you know to be detrimental to your health . . . ?!

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A number of young women smoke because they can lose 5 or 10 lb. that way, it is really sad. Far too many young people cannot be convinced of their mortality.

When most people smoked, 40 something adults looked older than 50 something ones do now.

Was there even a law in the 40s and 50s about how old you had to be to buy cigarettes? If there was, it was the most widely ignored law in the country. Back then people did not make frivolous short trips to the store with their cars Everybody sent their kids to the store for cigarettes.

I started smoking at 7, I found a pack of Camels under a railroad viaduct. I quit when I was 34, just to show my wife I was not hooked. I went through 3 days of agony, three weeks of misery and 3 months of thinking about it every day. I never went back to it because I was so mad I was hooked and I never wanted to have to go through quitting again.

Sadly, most of my truck driving friends were unable to successfully quit. On close call in the winter and they would need “just one” cigarette to calm their nerves. None of those friends are with us anymore and most of their deaths can be attributed to smoking.


In the '20s, Lucky Strike cigarettes used “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet” as an ad slogan to convince women to smoke in order to lose weight. I wonder how many thousands of women died as a result of that ad campaign.


When I was about 7 years old, my mother began sending me to the store to buy her packs of Raleigh cigarettes.

This is something that varies considerably from one person to another. At different times in the '70s, my mother, my father, and my brother all gave up smoking, and they all reported no cravings after 24-48 hours. And, my brother had been a 2.5 pack per day smoker! I think that differences in body chemistry might account for the differences in how readily someone can give up his/her nicotine addiction.


When kids used to steal cigarettes in many small mom-n-pop stores, the cigarette companies would replace the stolen cigarettes for free.

That’s because they knew the kids stealing the cigarettes would become lifelong customers.

Because many just throw their lit cigarette butt out the window. That’s especially appreciated by bike riders behind the car.

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I remember being in hospitals, people smoking. The worst part about smoking, to me, was that it seemed to be okay to toss your butt on the floor, step on it to put it out, then leave it there. Hospital floors were littered with butts. Companies hired physicians to hawk their cigs.

Red Cross distributed free cigarettes to the troops in WW2 - 'smoke 'em if you got ‘em

He died at age 50 from lung cancer.

Surgeon General Luther Terry published a report on the effects of smoking in 1964.

Tell St Peter at the Pearly Gate that I hate to make him wait, but I just gotta have another cigarette.

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I hear Carolyn’s footsteps coming down the hall.

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Cigarettes were referred to as coffin nails 150 years ago or more.


I began smoking when I was a freshman in college at age 18. I put myself under a lot of pressure to earn my degree in three years. I took an overload of courses and went to school summers as well as having a summer job. I lived on cigarettes and coffee.
At age 31, I realized my health wasn’t good. I was on prescription medications. I decided that this wasn’t the way to live. I joined a physical fitness program, quit smoking, and got off all medications. When I began the program, I couldn’t even run the perimeter of a basketball court. I made it my goal to be able to run a mile by the end of the 10 week program. I surprised myself and made it up to a mile and a half. After the end of the program, I doubled that distance to three miles. During my lunch hour, I would go to the gym, get in my running shorts, sweat shirt and running shoes and run my three miles five days a week.
I can’t run anymore due to a heel spur, but Mrs. Triedaq fitness walk three miles for three miles four or five times each week
Running, walking, swimming or some regular physical activity reduces tension much better than smoking. My horn playing also improved after I quit smoking and substituted running. I could play much longer phrases.

I was pretty sure that he died from lung cancer. Thank you for confirming that fact.

Here’s my contribution to the cigarette discussion.

But to keep it car related here’s another photo from the wall in my home office.

Anybody guess what years they’re from?


Those are '58s, I think.


See my picture/post above.

To civilians too. When my aunt was sent to an internment camp in 1942 she was given the standard Red Cross package, including a blanket and a pack of cigarettes. She kept that blanket until the day she died in 2016. She didn’t keep smoking quite that long though.

1998? I was in grade school in the 70’s and our textbooks showed pictures of the black lungs of smokers and we were taught back then that smoking causes lung cancer.

Having said that, I grew up with 2 parents who smoked. Smoked in the car too. We lived in SoCal and parked both cars in the garage. It was common procedure to park the cars in the garage with the windows down so the smoke could air out overnight. And Dad cleaned the windows every Sunday to keep the film off the windshield.

Yup. With Harley Earl standing there.

I’m not going to get in on this but seems to me going back a few hundred years, Native Americans need to shoulder some of the blame for the mayhem that ensued. Of course they taught us how to plant corn too for ethanol so not all bad. Also taught us about representative government. Keep digging in the past enough and lot of stuff is exposed but gee, they are all dead now, smokers or not.

A pack of 3 cigarettes were included in the C-rations in Vietnam. Lucky Strike… my favorites :slight_smile:

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Smoking really os related to cars and driving. Smoking hurts your driving ability in 3 ways.

!; The distraction factor, fiddling with getting cigarettes out and lit, dropping them or hot ash on the seats all distract the driver. In my casr it was worse because I smoked a pipe, so there was cleaning the pipe or at least knocking the dottle out., getting the tobacco out , filling ,tamping and lighting.

2: The film it puts on the windshield reduces your vision at all times and in damp weather it can blossom onthe inside of the windshield and if you try to wipe it while driving it makes a real mess.

3: The most important reason. it reduces your night vision. Nicotine constricts blood vessels. I hchanged from cigarettes to a pipe in mt 20s because pipe tobacco was cheaper, but because you inhale cigarettes, I inhaled the pipe. If I lit up a pipe at dusk I could actually see my peripheral vision fade in from the sides.


On this forum, I think you’re the only one of us who would make that claim . . .


Well gee, had to start somewhere. I don’t remember many smokers on the Santa Maria coming over. Sorry if I upset anyone. Can’t win some days.

I could tell a pretty funny story concerning Native Americans, tobacco, and health officials trying to placate same but some may not appreciate it.