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When a person gets a dui does it indicates they are likely to be irresponsible in the future?

The pilot of the tragic balloon crash that killed 15 innocent people in Texas had a DUI in the past. The crash happened Saturday morning. I bet dollars to doughnuts that he still had booze in his system from Friday night, and even 16 years after the DUI he still had an alcoholic attitude that allowed him to think he was “fine” and “sober” that morning. I guarantee it. It all adds up now.

Maybe if his first DUI wouldn’t have been a slap on the wrist, those 15 innocent folks would be here today.

Everyone says he was a great pilot and couldn’t understand how he hit those power lines, Well if he was still hungover from the night before, or even legally drunk, maybe that’s why.

I wonder if they will be able to figure out how much alcohol he had in his system, or if all the booze burned up?

Its like when John Denver crashed his plane, he was so drunk he couldn’t figure out how to operate the fuel selector and ran out of fuel.

Rick, I’m adamantly against drinking and driving (or flying), but I also think making allegations without a shred of evidence is irresponsible.


I second Mr. Moutainbikes post and also Rick you really seem to be a very unhappy person.


John Denver wasn’t drunk when he crashed. He bought a home-built experimental plane. The fuel level was indicated by sight glass… and VERY non-linear so he had less fuel than he thought when he took off. The plane was built for a taller pilot so the fuel tank switch was placed above where Denver could reach belted in. It was in a list of planned re-fits that had not been started since Denver just purchased the plane. All of these facts were identified by interviews. Denver took it up intending a short flight so he thought he had enough fuel for a few “stalls”. Because of the extra reach requiring Denver to loosen the belts to switch tanks, it is assumed he crashed because the plane’s engine shut-off from lack of fuel at a fairly low altitude. The cause of the crash was inferred from the interviews and the wreckage. A great analysis is available in the book, The Atomic Chef by Steven Casey.


Do you have any proof that the pilot of the hot air balloon was drunk? Is there any evidence to even suggest that he was drunk? I haven’t seen any. Do you always arrive at your own conclusion before the facts (or any findings at all in this case) are known? That’s very irresponsible in my book. You’re boarding on libel here.


Its my honest opinion. He had a felony DUI which means he was really drunk, or he hurt someone, and he had it reduced to a misdemeanor. He also had a felony possession with intent to distribute I read.

Rush Limbaugh is on the air right now running his mouth about Hillary, its not libel, its opinion based on matters of fact. It don’t mean im right, but the the fact that he made the decision to drink and drive raises suspicion in the balloon wreck.

II have a CDL. If I get a DUI in my car my job is gone because they figure if I will drink and drive in a car I am Likely to drink and drive in a CMV.

Its just the way it is folks. When You commit crimes in the past it raises future suspicions.

I come to a likely conclusion based on peoples past behaviors and actions, I would bet money this guy was boozed and or doped up. I have no proof, its just suspicion on my part based on facts.

Time will tell if Im right or wrong.

Libel is a upper middle class concern, I am poor trailer folk, around here we gossip and run our mouths cause we dont know no better. Were ignorant.

I have been told that before believe it or not.

I value you opinions and we both think alike on many subjects. You have a valid point. I said I bet he was negligent, I suppose i should have worded it differently.

You’re right it wouldn’t be libel. Libel is in print. It would be slander, which is spoken. And people have been taken to court over spreading unfounded rumors on social media.

Then why did you title the post “Here’s proof?”

Because I was the judge, jury and executioner and came to a definite conclusion based on facts that may or may not have anything to do with the crash.

The pilot had a sketchy past. That is a fact.

John Denver had been drinking heavily prior to his death, though they say he was not intoxicated when he died. He had failed medical exams due to this problem.

He was likely exhibiting a condition known as having a dry drunk.

Just say “I made it up.” It’s faster and more factual.

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I didn’t make it up.

FACT. He had a felony DUI charge reduced to a misdemeanor

FACT. He had a felony drug conviction

FACT. He had BBB complaints when he operated a balloon company in st.louis

FACT. The balloon crashed.

Source- New york post.

The thing is, that none of the “facts” you posted prove the accusations you’re throwing out there.


I fixed it.

But it raises suspicion.

If we hire George at the widget factory and he has a criminal history involving theft and after a while widgets start going missing, what will be the first thought? It doesnt mean George stole any widgets, but based on prior history it may indicate that he is more likely to steal than other employees without convictions.

Its the way car insurance works as well. Maybe its fair, maybe its not but that’s the way it is.

Lets also remember John Denver was not legally allowed to fly at the time of his death due to his numerous DUI arrests prior to his death. I liked John Denver, but he had issues with alcohol.