Wheezing noise



What could be causing the wheezing noise in the passenger compartment of my 2006 yukon? Hard to pinpoint location, but maybe from under rear seat. It dose’t happen all the time; but about 15 minutes after start-up it seems to build-up a pressure or vacuum and relieves itself by blowing a “whoosh” followed by a shrill long creaking noise like a creaking door in a ghost story and cycle through this sequence continuously as long as I drive or sometimes rest in quiet for a while. The engine light doesn’t go on. Could this be a plug in the gas vapor recycling circuit or perhaps in the catalytic convertor? Car perfomance doesn’t seem to be effected.


Due to the fact you said the CEL doesn’t come on, makes me think the problem is not emissions related.

You MAY have a leaking shock.

Have you tried different brake applications to search? Although I would expect to see a warning sign from the system.