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Wheels locked up

My 92 nissan truck 4x4 won’t move. engine runs fine but after a couple stream crossings and parking it I can’t get it to roll. It happened a few years ago and a mech. said it was rust lock in the brakes, any thoughts?

That’s a possibility…or the hydraulics for the brakes became contaminated…

Did you set the parking brake? Then your mechanic would be right.

Or over the past 19 years the linings in the brake flex holes may have broken down and collapsed and keeping the brakes engaged.

If you can safely jack up each corner and try turning the wheels by hand you can find out whhich wheel is stuck. At least you’ll know wich to disassemble, and you can make a judgement based on what you find whether you need to look at the others also.

1992…Stream Crossings…Were the streams salt water by any chance?? Sometimes they will break lose if you try in reverse…Whacking the backing plates with a heavy hammer will sometimes dislodge stuck shoes…Keep the whacking below destructive levels…

fresh water. jacked up rear of vehicle neither wheel will rotate more than 1/4 inch. tried to drive forward and reverse.

What about the front wheels? What happened when you jacked them up and tried to rotate them? Seems like you only started troubleshooting here, more checking to do. The truck has been sitting since the stream crossing a few years ago? Could be a lot more than just frozen brakes.

sat for two days after stream crossing. Happened also a few years ago. Front wheels spin easily.

Rear Brakes are rusted and locked imho, make it go is one way!