Wheel weight

same car. 2 different wheels. is 1 lead weight missing in pic? pic 2 seems to show just a metal bracket that might hold a missing lead weight?

The second pic looks like a .25 ounce weight. The first one looks like a 2 oz weight. Judging by the corrosion wheel in the second pic there must be snow or rust where you live. I’d say the wheel weight looks normal, starting to rust after a few years.

Wheel weights are coated steel, not lead. Lead wheel weights were outlawed years ago due to environmental concerns.

To be certain you can always rebalance the wheel…

In once threw a wheel weight and I figured that out because I ended up with some high speed vibrations. Do you have any signs of an out of balance tire when you’re driving? If not, then I wouldn’t worry about it.

I see this all the time. Both wheel weights are ok. When the weight of a particular wheel weight is very light (1/4 oz, for example like asemaster said) they just use the steel clip with no lead attached. You usually see these type of weights as original equipment. Nothing to worry about.

It could mean a weight fell off. Or it could mean that when new tires were put on or when the wheel was rebalanced that the old weight was removed and new weight put on. This is nothing to worry about.

Yup, the second photo is of a 5 gram weight. Even says so…