Wheel size 18 or 20 inch option

Should I buy the 18 inch or 20 inch wheels that come the different model Nissan Murano. Is the difference in price of more expensive model and replacement tires worth it?

Go for the 18s for the Murano, 20s are for looks only. They will ride harder, wear out quicker, and are more easily damaged. And they’re more $$ to replace.

It depends on if you prefer smoothness or firmness in your car’s handling…as well as what type of driving you do and the aspect ratio of the respective tires offered

I prefer a firmer ride. My car came with 215x45s. Even with all the potholes in NH I’ve been fine, but I’d be really hesitant to go to a larger rim with a 40 aspect ratio because of the potholes.

Bottom line: the 20 will come with a smaller sidewall (aspect ratio) and have a firmer ride and better handling, but be more prone to pothole damage. It’s your choice.

Thanks for the response. I’ll probably go with the 18 inch wheels since that’s what I have on my current 02 Maxima and I’m satisfied with them.

I don’t know about the Murano specifically, but the oversized wheels on some cars give a ride that many people consider to be unacceptably harsh. It would be a good idea to test-drive one with the 20-inch wheels if you can.

compare replacement tires for the 18 and for the 20 inch rims

Also, you can get good handling with 18s, don’t have to go with 20s. The first new set of tires you get can be a big upgrade. I noticed the 18" Yokohama Avid H4s is one option - I have those, good tires.

There is NOTHING about 18 or 20" wheels that is “worth it”…These oversize wheels and the very low aspect ratio tires mounted on them are strictly a styling gimmick…They are easily damaged and VERY expensive to replace.