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Wheel Noise

I couldn’t drive my 2002 Honda Civic for 6 weeks following surgery. I just could start it up. The car is kept outside.

When I went to drive it this week, it makes a rumbling / grinding noise that I think is coming from the wheels and is speed related. When I step on the brakes, the noise gets louder. I’ve driven it very short distances hoping that it was some wheel / brake rust that just needed to be ‘knocked off’. It doesn’t seem to be working - the noise doesn’t seem to be getting any less. Any suggestions as to what it might be?

Your Diagnosis Might Be Correct. Maybe You Just Haven’t Driven Far Enough. The Brake Rotors Could Have Rusted In Six Weeks.

If driving farther and using the brakes more doesn’t help, I’d suspect that maybe a brake caliper has “frozen” in place because of corrosion and will need to be freed-up. There is also a chance that the rust on the rotors will result in the brake pedal to pulsate or steering wheel to jiggle while braking after most of the rust gets cleaned off. In that case you might need to renew the front brakes.

If you had the parking brake on for six weeks then there’s a chance that the parking brake parts have “frozen” in place and are not fully releasing and will have to be freed-up. You would probably be able to tell this noise was coming from the rear.

You could always take the car to a trusted mechanic, explain the situation, and have it inspected. He/she will advise you.