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Where can I find DOT information on wheel marking ( DOT T-16x6K ). The information dealing with tire rating C, D, E. I am looking to up-grade to cast Aluminum wheels with E rated tires.

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What makes you think cast aluminum wheels are an upgrade? On a truck, I would consider them a downgrade.

I would have to agree with Caddyman. More expensive does not mean better. While you can get some really great Aluminum wheels, they are extremely expensive and generally only found on the race track. Most alloy type wheels are actually less strong then OEM quality steel wheels.

It looks like you found it.

The marking of wheels is not as highly regulated as tires, so what you found may be the only indication of the ultimate dstrength of the wheels. You may find wheels that have additioonal information on them, but it isn’t required.

So what you need to do is contact the manufacturer to find out how strong his wheels are. You should ask for the pressure limitations and load limitations.

But I suspect you need morer than just this kind of help - and i would recommend you work through a reliable tire / wheel distributor. Someone who knows the ins and outs of changing tire. Tire Rack and Discount Tire both qualify here.

well of course there less strong. there made of aluminum! aluminum is not as strong as steel.

With your “truck” loaded to maximum GVW, or perhaps a little more than maximum, you hit a pot-hole at 70 mph…That’s when you will find out how strong they are…

By the looks of this aftermarket, I would say stylists do the designing, not engineers…

Thanks for your feedback I have checked with Tire Rack and Discount Tire but I am looking to get my wheels from a junk yard (used parts store) and trying to find as much info as I can. I’m trying to change the wheels on my 5th wheel trailer.

Now your original question makes more sense.

But be very careful what you select from the junkya … ah, auto parts recycling center. Avoid passenger car wheels. Use only wheels from heavy duty pickup trucks.

Have done some research and Chevy 6 lug 16" will match my needs. Does anyone have any bad tales about them? Or just any other comments?

don’t forget about the offset, this can affect how big(wide) of a tire you can put on if it isn’t stock size

You’re talking about side-wall information, right? Very few people have figured out this important factor. In Eurpoe you can actually get a ticket/impound if you are going faster then your tires are rated for. I don’t know of any website to go to but I bet you the national department of transportation could tell you, or even the public library.

there made of aluminum! aluminum is not as strong as steel.

Well there is aluminum and there is aluminum. If you want to spend $10,000 per wheel, you can get some very fine and very strong aluminum wheels. They use a lot of aluminum in air craft because of the weight to strength ratio. But there are different alloys etc. However you are not going to get really strong aluminum wheels without paying a very very high price.

According to Tire Guides, GM used 6 lugs on light duty trucks and 8 lugs on heavy duty trucks. So does your trailer have 6 lugs?

Nevertheless, this might be OK for a trailer, where a truck would need a more robust wheel.

Sidewall and speed - - No. I am look for information on wheel strength for a class E tire ( 80psi ). The steel wheels are T-16x6K marked I am looking for information to check the markings on cast aluminum wheels to compare strength.

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