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Wheel centers for GMC aluminum wheels

I recently bought 4, used, aluminum, GMC wheels from my local auto recycler and had my summer tires mounted on them. Winter tires will remain on the original steel wheels. I cannot install the plastic wheel centers that snap into the aluminum wheels. The face of the wheel centers have 6, cute, visible faux lug nuts. The back side of the wheel centers, behind each of the faux lug nuts is a relief / cavity, 6 sided as if it is supposed to receive the lug nuts when the centers are snapped in place. The only problem is that each of the lug nuts will have to be exactly positioned to match the cavities behind the 6 faux lug nuts.

Please tell me this is not by design. ! ! ! ! and I can’t see the forest for the trees.

Are the plastic lugnuts threaded? There’s some where the plastic nuts screw on threads which are on the actual lug nuts.

Thanks for the response.
No, The plastic nuts as seen from the visible side of the center do not turn. They are molded into the plastic wheel center. There is an arched spline between each of the plastic molded nuts on the back side of the wheel center connecting each nut which prevents installation of the center cap with the molded nuts between the lug nuts. This plastic spline contacts the actual wheel lug nuts not allowing the center to be installed. I’m perplexed. Such a seemingly simple thing.

Did your steel wheels have decorative lug nuts (chrome, with a cover over the open end)? If so, they may be too tall, keeping the cap from fitting. You may need ‘plain’ lug nuts.

It isn’t made for the wheel or the lug nuts you have. What year truck? Not compatible anyway and the lug nuts don’t go inside the plastic ones. You have it half figured out. Keep working at it and the mystery will clear up.