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Wheel Bearings 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

I just replaced front wheel bearings at 52,000 miles. I had a 98 Buick with 170,000 miles with no wheel bearing problems. The Pontiac I bought in July last. is it worth the time and effort to complain to GM about this problem?

Well, go ahead if it makes you feel better, but I think GM currently has bigger fish to fry. They’re busy begging for money and trying to stay alive.

Of course, you may have pointed out one of the reasons GM is in this position.

The hubs go out. Replaced both on our 90 Olds Toronado. Going to replace one or both tomorrow on 03 Buick. Its all part of the great AMERICAN spirit in cars.
When I was a teenager, I was told I had a lead foot. Many engines and transmissions.
They still make bicycles and motorcycles and shoes all made in different parts of the world.
Some folks don’t have a choice! Count your blessings folks.

52 K is not a lot of miles for the wheel bearings, normally you can get a lot more miles out of them than that. Another GM mess up like the intake manifold gaskets I guess.

You bought the car used? GM isn’t responsible for the wheel bearings.

You have no idea what happened to this car before you bought it. It could have been in an accident or someone blasted a curb, in either case the bearings could
have been damaged before you bought it.