Wheel alignment

I have been told that only an authorized Mercedes dealer is equipped to accurately

align my C280 sedan.

Is this true?

I’m not sure about your car, but I know good alignment shops can do the older ones. If you know any good specialty alignment shops, call them and ask. Just stay away from the chain/tire places. Or you can just go to the dealer, which probably won’t cost much more than a good shop.

I don’t believe so. You didn’t say who told you. It would be good to know. If it was a brother, you should know not to listen. Car Talk knows all about brothers.

Could be true. Some of the newer German cars have fairly complex suspension linkages and detailed alignment setups (and more adjustments) to maintain alignment under all driving conditions (read as flexing the suspension a lot). The alignment equipment is very expensive and it requires more training to use it. Therefore it usually only ends up at the dealers.