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Wheel alignment

My son has a 1993 Honda Accord. He was in an accident, it was snowing and icy, he slide in to the rear of a pick up truck and damage his left front pender and hood. He was able to drive it to the dealer’s body shop.The tire did rub the pender as he drove it to the dealer. It was repaired and he was told that there is no frame damage. The car drived find, how ever when I have the wheel alignment check a week later the caster in off alignement 4.6 and 4.9 when bebore it was about 2.5. I was told that this car does not have adjustable caster but is safe to drive. Could this be due to accident and what could cause it?

Could this be due damage to the suspension? Is it safe to drive?

Should I have it check? I took it back to the body shop that did the repair and he said that if I want it check I have to pay $185.00, however that it is safe to drive and will not damge the tire. The car drive good and does not pull to either side.

My son is not worried about it, but I am.



Yes, an accident can easily knock the caster off, along with camber and toe. Many times control arms are bent, strut towers distorted, etc.

The car may appear to drive well but this does not mean it’s right. Just offhand, what are the specs as given for the entire thing? Caster, camber on both sides and toe as it is right now.

Was this an insurance repair? If so, they should cover it even if it means going back in there again.
I would add that many body shop guys are not very proficient when it ocmes to suspension components and quite frankly, could not differentiate a tweaked control arm from a new one if it were lying right in front of them.

If only the caster is off, there is no real problem. The tire on that side might wear out a little more on the outside edge because it will tilt a little more when you turn. Caster is not the most serious thing to have wrong on a car. I would not bother fixing it.