Whats the right oil


what is the best oil to put in a1987 toyota landcruiser (inline six) ? I have been using a 10w40.


10w40 is most likely correct. Is the recommended type marked on the oil filler cap? This is often the case. Is it specified in the owner’s manual or in your repair manual?


What oil is recommended on the oil filler cap and the dipstick? I believe most cars of that era used 10W-30.


Anything sold as “Motor Oil” should work okay in that…10-30 if it’s under 100K miles, 10-40 if it’s over…5w-20 in the wintertime…


Anything sold as “Motor Oil” should work okay in that…10-30 if it’s under 100K miles, 10-40 if it’s over…5w-20 in the wintertime…


Ha! It’s not just me!


No, it’s a major glitch…


Wow! A sensible oil question. I was expecting another OCD synthetic vs. dino thread.

The above posts are correct. That engine shouldn’t be real picky. 10W-30 or 10W-40 will work fine. If it is really cold in the winter, 5W-30 will work.


That year Land Cruiser, 4.2 6 cylinder, actually calls for 10W-30. If you operate in very cold conditions (below 0F) then you want to run 5W-30.

Regardless of mileage.

If you’re having problems with it, that’s a different issue.



If you use 10W30 synthetic, you can use the same oil year round. (there, I’ve started the synthetic vs. dino aspect of the thread)

Seriously though, if it doesn’t say on the oil cap or dipstick what it should use, and the manual is long gone, you could probably find a Landcruiser forum or do some googling and find out the recommended weight.


Yampadog, What ? No 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual ?

Although some of the oil API Service Category specs (Read the botttles and choose oil that meets or exceeds those old specs.) have improved since 87, the book will still give you preferred viscosity and a wealth of other information.

You must like the vehicle or you wouldn’t be asking about the best oil. Helm Inc. has a new 87 Toyota Land Cruiser Owner’s Manual (Price: $15.95 & S&H - In Stock) and they’ve even got a new 81-87 Toyota Land Cruiser Repair Manual (Price: $70.00 & S&H - In Stock).




I think 10W-40 is the correct oil. If you live where it is very cold in winter (ie 0 degrees F or minus 10 C) I’d use a 5W-30 or 40 in the cold winter months and 10W-40 in the spring - summer - and fall.


Avoid any 20 grade; I would use 0W30 in the winter and 10W30 in the summer. These old engines had “generous” clearances, and the lighter grades would result in significant oil consumption at highway speeds or heavy loading.