What's the best vehicle for Ogden

moving to Ogden…what is best vehicle to have?

One that runs. It isn’t rocket science.


thanks for the ’nice’ response…

I am sorry to have asked the question… will remove myself from your community

Sorry I offended you. Your question had no specificity at all. Which Ogden? There isn’t even a state or a country listed. Ogden Ohio, USA? Ogden Calgery Alberta Canada?

You didn’t tell us anything about your vehicle needs whatsoever. How is anyone supposed to answer your question beyond “one that runs?”


Ogden, Utah? I was fine with regular cars, if you want off-roading capability, Ford Raptor

Tell us a little more about your priorities and needs.

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To me, a question like “What’s the best vehicle for Ogden?” (no state, county, or country noted, no driving patterns noted, no essential needs/priorities noted) is the automotive equivalent of asking someone what I should eat for dinner, but failing to mention any of my medical issues, or the types of food that I enjoy, or which foods I might be allergic to.

As the old saying tells us, “The Devil is in the details”, and unfortunately the OP provided none of the neccesary details.


My kid was there for 2 yrs. just left. Very mild weather. Her husband had Ford Focus and he survived. I think snow melts immediately. Any sedan will work. SUV? If you want.