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What's the best chevy auto trans for a tow vehicle?

I have a 56 chevy pickup with a 350hp 350. I’m in the process of attaching an 84 corvette front and rear suspension. I want to use the truck to tow a smallish camper (2000 lbs). Any thoughts on what chevy auto transmission I should use?

Can that Corvette IRS handle a trailer? There’s a big reason the 9 inch Ford has such a great reputation.

The 400 hydramatic is the most highly regarded transmission with regard to handling the torque/horsepower needed for pulling a load.

a TH350 can be built to handle a lot of punishment.

Key is upgraded transmission internals,I would go with a upgraded Turbo 350 at that hp level, in fact I made that mistake once and wished I had upgraged a overdrive trans.

I’ll second the TH400 as the best, completely mechanical, out of the box workhorse.

I’d want a minimum of 3sp trans and probably would opt for an overdrive trans myself given towing on the highway. 700R4 can be built into a pretty stout slushbox. However, the stock 700R4 in my 3/4 ton 1500 took many years of abuse beyond the advertised specifications. A 2000lb trailer would be no big deal IMO.