What's that?

i have a 85 cmc s15 jimmy.this has a 2.8 v6 engine.it has this part with a rod that looks like a choke pulloff.but instead of a vacumm line it has a electric wire on it.what’s it called and does it have anything to do with iddeling?

its in front of my carb.

My guess it is an electric pull off.

A photo would be a big help.

I think I know what part you are describeing. Is it at the right front corner of the carb when you are standing at the front of the car and faceing it?? (drivers side front corner) Does the rod touch the moveing part of the throttle? If this is the part you are asking about, then yes this does have something to do with idleing. To check it have an assistant sit in the car and start the engine while you watch it. It should move. If it doesn’t move then there is either no power to the wire, or the connection might be loose,(not makeing good contact even though it is plugged in), or the unit might just be defective.
I don’t know what it is called, some manufactures call it an idle controll valve, some call them an idle controll dash pot, sameo sameo they still do the same thing no matter what they call them.
If this is NOT the part you are describeing OR if it is not located where I described, then you will need to submit more information as far as the location etc.