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What's that ammonia smell?

Purchased 2007, 24k miles… Intermittently will dispurse a STRONG ammonia smell 5-10 secs into the pax compartment while driving. What’s up with that?

Sounds like the smell of dried urine, like from mice, rats, etc. Have you checked for signs or presence of any current or former residents in the engine, especially on the right side or cabin air filter box or heater box, vents side panels? I’d also check carefully under the front and rear seats for droppings and tunneling operations in the insulation front and rear and beneath the dash. If you see something staring back at you, maybe it’s time to call an exterminator.

Or, I suppose you could install a cat and see if that eliminates the problem. If not, perhaps it’s time to call an ear nose and throat specialist? Ok ok. Just kidding about the ENT doc ;>)

Could it be the windshield washer fluid? You might open the reservoir for the windshield washer fluid and see if it has an ammonia smell.