What's a good car for driving on Navajo reservation?

That’s all good news! Thanks for the info. On a map it sure looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere, but it’s nice to have someone like you on the ground who knows the area. We should have some more information in the coming days exactly where she’ll be, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s not as remote as it may look. I guess once we’re absolutely certain, I can start my search for a vehicle in earnest.

I have never been to that reservation but the 2 I have been to had decent enough though dirt roads, I noticed that all kind of cars were parked for the regular inhabitants. I think there is too much drama going on, the roads I experienced were passable in any normal car.

You can Google “Cuba, New Mexico” and get the full Chamber Of Commerce report!

“When in Rome…” She needs to communicate with her future co-workers and find out what vehicles are more popular in the area.Then she needs to go to ‘dry’ country and let us know what old vehicles are around for sale that are rust free. I have dibs on the old Apache pick-up truck! Waterboy, I missed Shirley’s post.

I would expect this vehicle to be the perfect choice.

You’re worried about snow? Are you familiar with the Google?

This is a case study of why you don’t go to a bunch of old guys on the internet when you need real answers.

The young generation are very proficient at knowing how to use the tools us older guys INVENTED…

I suggest you take to a couple of people from that area, or just drive around where you will be driving and not what they locals are driving.  Not only are they likely driving cars/trucks that handle the local problems, but there will be parts and experienced mechanics in the area.

Joe, it’s been 6 months since anyone posted on this thread…If she is still on the Res, she certainly has made a vehicle choice by now…

You are absolutely correct, of course, but it’s still a fun topic. Heh, heh.

I can tell you here in rural Mexico in the mountains, FORD F-150 period. 2 or 4wd, or dual cabin or not, but that size pickups is optimum for the bad roads. The other models are okay as far as that goes, but the F-150 seems to be easier on repairs, although there can be individual variations.

I have a Toyota Sienna, and if I need another car, it will be an F-150.