What would cause an ignitor code on a 1998 Lexus ES300



On my Lexus I have a problem that causes the CEL and Trac light to come on. It was hooked to a scanner and it comes up with & codes 1300, 1305, 1310,1315, 1320, 1325, 1330 which are the codes for the ignitors. So after looking for the ignitor on the car, which Lexus said it was on the driver side strut tower, it was not there. Was told by Lexus that my car is a new feature car. My car has the ignitors in the coils on top of the spark plugs. We sent the ECU out for a rebuild. Came back as being ok, we’ve also noticed when the CEL comes on the car runs fine until the car hits 2500 rpm’s. When it reaches 2500 rpms it starts to misfire. Have checked all the grounds. Everything is fine. I am now at a total loss. And am seeking your help.


Have the coils been tested for proper function? I would have definitely done this before pulling the ECU. If there was a problem, like water infiltration on the coils, that could cause all of them to go bad together.


Yes the coils have been tested. And they do test fine. Not sure what to do next, especially since dealers offer no reason. They have suggested I bring it in to them and they will do some diagnostics, something I want to try to do myself first. Really dont want to pay them big bucks to do that.


These checks of the ignitor circuits might help: http://www.2carpros.com/forum/2000-lexus-es-300--air/1995-lexus-es-300-dtc-code-1300-vt132853.html