What would be leaking underneath car in the center along cross member?

His video is right under the engine.

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Looks to me like it’s right under the rear suspension, I see the gas tank and the gas tank heat shield.

If all that liquid is brake fluid (and the only other option would be gas, which would really smell), that’s a BIG leak.

If you touch your screen while watching the video, it feels oily like brake fluid. :crazy_face:. Sorry.


I tried that, thanks.
Anybody know what takes brake fluid off my Lenovo screen? Now it’s got a big smear and is dripping some sort of fluid. :grimacing:

You don’t suppose it’s brake fluid, too? And how do I find out exactly where it’s coming from? :thinking:
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Careful. People are really grumpy tonight.

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Brake-Kleen but it will leave your screen all foggy or possibly dissolve it.




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It could be that brake fluid is leaking onto the cross member causing the fluid to spread out to 3 or 4 different places onto the cardboard.

I don’t see what you are seeing but if you are right and it is the rear, it would be either gas or brake fluid, or he is carrying some liquids around in his trunk and it is leaking. If that was brake fluid, he would have a very soft brake and he didn’t mention that, or any other brake trouble.

@sonata2006, if you are still around, let us know, front or back? other brake issues?

Edit: I see in his second post that it is the rear. Still if that is brake fluid, there should be other brake issues like soft pedal feel.

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Update: have used for past 2 weeks about a mile or 2 per day and brake reservoir is still full and no leaks under car. After I replace some front suspension parts I will (cautiously) continue to use as daily driver to work (12-20 miles per day) and see if it leaks and brake fluid lowers. I do not see how to remove the underside cover to look at the brake lines, seems like it would need to be on a lift to do that anyway. Keith yes it is the rear and thanks for that as I do have 5 quart jugs of coolant and oil in the trunk will check those today.

So maybe you had a leaky strut which is empty now, and normal wear of the brake pads causing the low fluid level? But why don’t you just have it put up on a lift and let a mechanic look at it?

I have seen engine rear main seals leak bad enough to coat the fuel tank, exhaust system and rear suspension with oil. That is a lot of fluid in the video, if the vehicle were leaking that much brake fluid the brake pedal would go to the floor.

If it’s not losing brake fluid, it’s probably not a leaking line. I like Bing’s thought but it seems like a lot of fluid for shocks. How about looking in the trunk to see if a container of something might of emptied?

How about getting it to a shop and end this 2 week guess fest.