What type of transmission cooler to use?

Hi again group!

I am looking at adding a transmission cooler to my car as I intend to start hauling a small boat with it. Now when I say small, I mean under 1000LBS. total boat + trailer. Anyway, I have seen three different types of coolers and wonder which would work best. The radiator type, the stacked plate type, or the one that looks like a cylinder with fins on it? I like the looks of the cylinder type, but I am not convinced that they do a good job of cooling. Has anyone tried these types of coolers? BTW, my car is a 1970 Jeep DJ5A with a GM 153 4 cylinder engine and a powerglide 2 speed automatic transmission.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I’ve used the radiator type on 4 different cars sucessfully. Have never had a towing related transmission problem in the last 35 years. They are easy to install and cheap to buy. If you can’t do it yourself a garage will do it for little money, it take 30 minutes maximum.

I can’t comment on the other types; the rad type is the most popular.

I recommend the radiator type.

I have never installed one, but both of the automatic transmission cars I used for towing had them installed as standard equipment. I have seen them installed on TV and it doesn’t look that difficult.