What to do about a rusty undercarriage?

I?ve got a 2000 Nissan Xterra that the New England winter roads did a real good job of rusting its undercarriage. I?ve moved to a warmer climate, but wondering what, if anything can be done to at least stop further rusting under the truck. Any solutions? Thanks!

Rust never sleeps. So if you want the rust removed you’re talking media blasting the undercarriage and repainting. Not economical.

Or you could coat the undercarriage with motor oil to isolate the steel from the air stopping the rust. Messy, not good for the environment, and would have to be reapplied sometime later.

Or you could live with the rust on the undercarriage. Which is what everybody else does who live in the rust belt.


I agree with one addition. You could try painting it with POR15. It is a paint that claims to seal and neutralize rust. I’ve used it on a front end rebuild of my truck (as the aftermarket panels had no zinc coating) and the fender well is still brand new after this winter. It is expensive, but I and one other person I know have had good results with it. Do some research and here is the link to there web site: http://www.por15.com/