What to buy?

Just sold my 2001 VWPassat. My husband and I have a 2010 Honda CRV small SUV. We live in Maine. For our second car, we don’t know what to get - maybe something fun but with good gas mileage? What do you suggest? Ellen

Honda Fit Sport is fun for very good mpgs, see if you like the ride.

If you like the CRV you would probably like the Honda Element. I know they’re not too pretty to look at it, but the interior feels pretty good, the doors open omni-directionally (if that makes sense) and the rear hatch folds down like the tailgate on a truck so its easy to put stuff in there. The controls are all where they’re supposed to be, typical of Honda interior design.

I also think you’d like the Fit if you like the CRV.

The Civic with a 6 spd manual transmission would be fun, comfy, and gets good mpg. If you have to take along some people the back seat is decent and the trunk surprisingly large. An automatic Civic not nearly as much fun.

A great little car that will soon be launched in the US will be the Mazda 2, a shrunken version of the Mazda 3, but just as much fun to drive. My wife and I saw one in bright red at a car show last week and she wanted to take it home!

Similarly, this year soon you will be able to buy the new Ford Fiesta, same basic platform as the Mazda 2, but a little more subdued and less Zoom Zoom! Also available in bright red!

With a CRV you can carry all the big stuff, so the other car can be pure fun. And keep in mind before the next car is worn out we will be back to $4 gasoline!!

Don’t want another Honda. Daughter loves her Honda Fit. Will check Mazda 2 and Ford Fiesta. Thanks.

If you had a Passat then we can assume you bought the CRV for security and can still use a 2wd car ? I would recommend a Scion tC and a Civic Coupe (I know you don’t want another Honda but agree with UT)in addition to the exc. Mazda models.

Mazda 3, Mazda 6. Both are rated for 30mpg highway, and Mazdas are usually tuned for a bit of extra performance over it’s competitors.

Mazda Miata? You said “fun” and “second car.” Those 2 attributes make me think of the Miata, now just called the MX5 I think. Reliable, good fuel mileage, only 2 seats, convertible but with a hard top available. What’s not to like?

Would you consider a rwd sport car with 300HP, average mileage excellent overall, 6 speed auto, 14 second quarter mile in base form with striking good looks, all for less in this base form than many other lesser models (low $20k’s) Chevy Camaro v6 !