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What the h***** is a DNA kit

I bought a 2007 GMC 2500 last summer and there was a little box labeled DNA kit in the glove box. Actually showed it to my mechanics who scratched their heads and were clueless. It contains liquid of some kind. I (and my mechanics) would love to know what it is. Love most things about this truck (2nd vehicle, as I drive a toyota matrix around town) and it is mostly used to tow horses and brave bad weather. What I’m not loving is the 10 miles a gallon I seem to be getting. Got about 15mpg in the 1994 GMC 1/2 ton I had previously. Is something wrong or can this be improved. All mystery solving and advice greatly appreciated,
Thomi in Boulder County

Home DNA kits are sold just about everywhere. I saw a kit at Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago. Someone probably bought it and left it in your vehicle. I don’t think it had anything to do with your GMC’s parentage.

Maybe somebody left a paternity testing kit in there by mistake.

Are there any instructions in or on the box?

Someone’s uncertain if their spouse has been faithful…

These are paternity kits.

A deoxyribonucleic acid kit.

This DNA kit is probably not original equipment to your truck, as others have speculated. As for your gas mileage, your 2007 Sierra 2500 is undoubtedly heavier, more powerful, and more luxurious than your 1994 GMC half ton, which is where your gas mileage is going. The difference will be even more pronounced if you went from a regular or extended cab to a crew cab. Very rare, if not nonexistent, is the factory 3/4 ton truck that will get better gas mileage than any factory 1/2 ton truck.

It might not be a paternity kit - they also have DNA kits for kids. You swab the kid’s cheek and send it to a lab which registers the kid’s DNA with his name. The theory is that if someone kidnaps your kid and leaves his body in unrecognizable condition, a DNA test will prove the identity.

No sense convicting the previous owner of dallying around just on the basis of a kit :wink:

Because the child’s dna tells you nothing about paternity. :wink: It’s the same kit.

Yes, but in one case the purpose for buying it is to investigate infidelity. In the other, the purpose is paranoia.

“It might not be a paternity kit - they also have DNA kits for kids.”

And adults that are into genealogy. Don’t forget pets - don’t you want to know what that handsome mutt that eats your dinner really is? Mine is part German Shepherd and part bat. We aren’t sure about the rest of her ancestry. Maybe I should test her.

Here is an article about it. My new Rav4 came with a little cup and brush marked vehicle DNA kit and I was totally confused too!

Looks like you found it, Amy - never heard of that before!

Did you adopt or purchase the vehicle?